Saturday, January 20, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special W-End Edition): On #GovtShutdown & Other Thoughts

As we went to press with this weekend edition of "Notations" the United States Federal Government is shut down.   Women have marched throughout the United States on the first anniversary of President Trump's inauguration as the blame game is ever so on-going on Social Media with the hashtags #TrumpShutdown; #SchummerPelosiShutdown; #SchummerShutdown.    The Wall with Mexico has been central in the issue--that's why what Vincente Fox, the Former President of Mexico, said in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation earlier this week was telling which we have noted here.

As we have been assessing the state of affairs, what we picked up from Orange County Congresswoman Mimi Walters was interesting as she sent out this Tweet : 

One of the most notable absences is that of Senator John McCain.    We here at the Daily Outsider are grateful to the team at the Washington Examiner as they reflected upon this with the pivotal role he has played at not only the Armed Services Committee  but also the US Senate: 

John McCain's absence leaves a big hole on Senate
Armed Services

John McCain's absence leaves a big hole on Senate Armed Services

Sen. John McCain, 81, the fiery and seemingly tireless Armed Services chairman who is now battling brain cancer, was still at home in Arizona and absent from his committee’s first hearing of 2018.
The hearing Thursday was remarkable partly because of his absence. McCain, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma in July, has been a driving force on the committee since he took the gavel three years ago.

Read the full story here.

As we went to press and as he was in treatment for his Cancer, he issued a statement lamenting the State of Affairs.   He and his family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.   

Challenging Times....

Friday, January 19, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Special Friday Edition): Out and About in Our World...

We wanted to end the week here in our main property on a bit of a high note as we honor all the refugees of the World with this from the Syrian Singer Wafiaa:
We are just as obsessed which is why we began upon the journey as we have. We also are so proud to feature this we picked up from the UN Refugee Agency Twitter Channel:

   It is of note that there are 65 Million displaced people around the World according to the UN Refugee Agency and millions who are technically Stateless including the Rohniyga in Burma (also known as Myanmar) and the Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories.    The United States has decided to withhold funds to the UN Refugee Workers Agency (UNRWA).   There is also drama in Washington as we went to press as  our team has been monitoring the on-going situation   as the World awaits a determination on the status of the US Federal Government and whether funding will run out.   It must be noted that as the US is a Federal System, there will not be a total shutdown--however the last time a major shutdown occurred, it cost US Tax Payers billions.

We remain hopeful--a sense of hope epitomized by that Blue Flag of the UN.


Notations On Our World (Special Friday Edition): As @POTUS State of the Union is at Hand (Courtesy @rand)

A very tough read-up on the state of affairs in America Today....

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): re #DACA re Jorge Garcia And His Family Speak Out About His Deportation To Mexico | ...

As the debate ensues over #DACA and the impending showdown over the spending bill, the Garcia Family's predicament was showcased.

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On the Status of the US Budget

The US Senate Majority Leader

As we are going to press right now,  The US Senate was in a late session having taken up what the House passed to fund operations of the United States Government.     The House Bill went down to defeat as Senators Mike Lee  and Rand Paul voted against it.   The minority objected to Amendments  as Government funding ends midnight Friday EST.   

The US Senate has just adjourned until 11 AM EST tomorrow.

Notations On Our World (Special #California Edition): On "New California"

Earlier this week, "New California" was declared.    We wanted to share this courtesy of USA Today. It is always fun, in our view, to see @ordinaryfaces in action exercising their Constitutional Rights--no matter how futile it  may be.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Notations From The Grid (Weekly Edition): On @POTUS Watch

It has been quite a week!!

Our team was on the prowl in the aftermath of #MLKDay 2018 with this: 

US Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona took to the US Senate Floor to denounce the President as there were a number of interesting headlines that were featured on the New York Times last week on the plight of the Democratic process, on Climate Change, the future and of course in the midst of it--companies still trying to survive: 

As we reflected upon the headlines from last week, what we noted below  from yesterday's New York Times was even more challenging to assess in light of the challenges with North Korea (although we are pleased to report that North and South Korea will field a joint team: 

Top News
Military Quietly Prepares for a Last Resort: War With North Korea
Military Quietly Prepares for a Last Resort: War With North Korea
It’s normal for American commanders to draw up combat plans. But recent exercises signal that the military wants to be ready for options on the Korean Peninsula.
Hopes Dim for DACA Deal as Lawmakers Battle Over Trump’s Immigration Remarks
Hopes Dim for DACA Deal as Lawmakers Battle Over Trump’s Immigration Remarks
Senator David Perdue, who attended the White House meeting, said Senator Richard J. Durbin’s account of President Trump’s language was a “gross misrepresentation.”
In Montecito, Enclave of Wealth and Fame, Unimagined Tragedy
In Montecito, Enclave of Wealth and Fame, Unimagined Tragedy
Mudslides left the coastal community of Montecito, Calif., in ruins, and rescuers were racing against time on Sunday to find four people still missing.
For more top news, go to »

President Trump denied that he called Africa and Haiti "s...holes" as he professed that he was the least racist person he knows.  Eric Trump went on Fox & Friends to say that the President only saw one color: Green.     What was noted below was a sampling of the reaction to the President's Statement: 

There is of course Iran--and what the President announced on it: 

As our team assessed 2018 so far, what was reported by Government Executive was telling: 

Just One in Six Feds Say They're Excited to Implement Trump's Agenda // Eric Katz

Federal employees overwhelmingly believe President Trump does not respect them, according to a new survey, and a plurality think he has negatively affected their agencies' missions.
To read the entire story, click here.

This is as there is a partial US Government shutdown looming as we will continue to assess it all.  President Trump is slated to attend the World Economic Forum and our team at the Visions Property here in the Daily Outsider will be assessing it as we will be releasing a "Notation" shortly courtesy of the team at Bloomberg. 

Challenging times.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Notations On Our World ( Special Community Edition): Out & About In Our Community of South Orange County & California

Governor Brown of California is entering his final year in Office.   He has just released his budget.  We received this at our Virtual Studios on a Snapshot of the budget which we hereby present courtesy of the team at Association of California Cities: 

2018-2019 January Budget Release Summary  The 2018-2019 budget continues to invest in Governor Brown's strategic priorities for the State of California including: education, healthcare, infrastructure and a progressive environmental protection agenda. Since the budget difficulties of 2011, the state grew out of a $26 billion deficit and has amassed a Rainy-Day Fund, which was approved by voters in 2014 under Proposition 2.  After meeting the constitutional obligations of contributing to the Rainy Day Fund, the State of California is experiencing a budget surplus going into the budget negotiation season for the 2018 fiscal year. This years 6.1 billion dollar surplus presents many opportunities for the legislature and for Orange County Cities.

Notable data:
  • By the end of 2017-18, the state's Rainy-Day Fund will have a total balance of $8.4 billion (65 percent of the constitutional target). The 2018-2019 budget proposal fills this gap to 100% or $13.5 billion.
  • Total budget spending $131.6 billion with total resource dollars available $135.1 billion.
  • Budget spending increases from 2017-2018 levels of $126.5 billion.
The new budget anticipates a coming recession within the next few budget cycles, with the goal of aligning revenue growth to future spending. Infrastructure:
With passage of SB 1, California will spend $55 billion over 10 years on its basic transportation infrastructure maintenance. The 2018-2019 budget sets in motion this allocation with $4.5 billion in funding and total spending (including selected bond funds) of $14 billion on transportation priorities.
  • Infrastructure Repair: $2.8 billion
  • Trade channel assets: $556 million
  • Local projects match: $200 million
  • Rail services: $721 million
Public Safety:
Public safety initiatives are addressed both at the state and local level.   
  • Rehabilitations and corrections general fund spending accounts for $11.8 billion of the budget
  • Community Corrections Performance Incentive Grant $106.4 million
  • Post-Release Community Supervision $29 million
Natural Resource Protection:
The 2018-2019 budget strongly protect the state's natural resources. The Natural Resources Agency receives $9.8 billion ($3.0 billion from the general fund) for all activities.
  • If approved by voters in June 2018, SB 5 would authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for California's parks, water and flood control infrastructure, ocean and coastal protection, safe drinking water, groundwater management and climate preparedness and resiliency.
  • The 2018-2019 budget allocates $1.02 billion of first year spending if the initiative is approved by voters in June 2018[TR1] .. 
  • Municipalities are slated to receive $464 million for local park programs within the measure, which would be allocated on a population based formula.
Redevelopment Agencies:
The Governor's priority is the final dissolution of the former redevelopment agencies' outstanding debts and other legal obligations and thus returns final funds to the cities, counties and special districts.
  • Cities will receive an $926 million in general purpose revenues in 2017-2018 and 2018-19 combined. Counties will receive $990 million, and special districts an additional $282 million in that same time period.
  • K-14 school districts will receive $1 4 billion in 2017-18 and $1.6 billion in 2018-19 from Proposition 98 General Fund savings resulting from the dissolution of redevelopment agencies.
To implement the 2017 housing package, the budget allocates
  • $3 million from the General Fund to the Department of Housing and Community Development. Additional resources from an estimated $258 million real estate transaction fee revenue, which will be a ballot measure in the November 2018 election. 
The housing packing also places a $4 billion bond on the November 2018 ballot for voter approval.
  • Includes $3 billion in general obligation bonds for various housing programs and $1 billion for veterans housing.
Voting Systems Replacement for Counties:
A one-time augmentation of $134.3 million from the General Fund will be made to replace outdated voting systems with the necessary hardware, software, and initial licensing to install new voting systems in all 58 counties.
  • This funding represents a 50 percent state share of total voting system replacement costs; counties will be responsible for the other 50 percent.
Medical and Adult Use Cannabis:
The Administration is deferring all cannabis-related budget proposals until the May Revision.
2020 Census
Commits $40.3 million for statewide outreach and other activities related to the 2020 Census.

Association of California Cities- Orange County
500 S. Main Street #410
Orange, CA 92868

and as we went to press, a welcome development on an agreement Capistrano Unified School District and the Teachers Union struck on a collective Bargaining Agreement which is welcome news for all the 52,000 students the District serves in the Seven South Orange County Cities:

January 12, 2017
Capistrano Unified School District:
An Unwavering Commitment to
Student Success 
CUSD and CUEA Reach a Tentative Agreement

Sent on behalf of CUSD and CUEA

We are pleased to announce that CUSD and CUEA have reached a Tentative Agreement that will provide the stability of a three year contract and allow our District to continue to operate efficiently while remaining focused on the education of young people.

Details of the Tentative Agreement will be released onWednesday, January 17, 2018.

Monday, January 15, 2018

On this #MLKDay 2018 ,,,

Image result for omar khayyam
Omar Khayyam 

On this #MLKDay Week-End It is an honor for us to showcase this translation of the Rubaiyat done by the eminent scholar of the Middle East, Professor Juan Cole of the University Of Michigan:

Attributed to Omar Khayyam
translated by Juan Cole

At dawn a shout
awoke us in
that watering hole:
‘You crazed
Get up and grab that bottle;
let’s finish what we started
before fate starts to finish us.’

Tonight, who brought you, drunk,
here to me?
From behind the curtain,
who brought you here?–
to someone who was on fire
because you were gone–
someone who, like the wind,
sought you everywhere!
Who brought you here?

This world
that was our home
for a brief spell
never brought us anything
but pain and grief;
its a shame that not one of our problems
was ever solved.
We depart
with a thousand regrets
in our hearts.

Get up and come here
for the sake of my heart,
and lend your beauty
to solving my problem.
Bring an earthenware mug
full of wine
for us to drink,
–quick before we’re clay
in the ground
that they quarry
to make mugs.

When I die,
prepare my body in wine
And in place of a eulogy,
lift a glass!
On Resurrection Day
you’ll find my dust
stirring beneath
the threshold
of the bar

Lovers are, all their lives,
frantic and intoxicated —
crazy, distracted, and disgraced.
When we’re sober, everything annoys us.
But when we’re drunk,
whatever will be,
will be

Although we partiers
may have good color
and smell pleasant,
with cheeks like rubies;
and though we’re tall as a cypress–
it’s just not clear,
in this earthly cabaret,
why I was prettied up.

Where’s the smoke
from my fire around here?
where’s the profit
on my investment around here?
As for the guy
who called me a bar fly,
now really, where’s the bar
around here?

The idol asked the pagan,
“Do you know why
you started bowing down to me?”
–“It was because the One
who looks out through your eyes
shone his light on me!”

If you are looking for love,
try to attract every heart.
In the path
of the Presence,
try to entice every seeker.
A hundred holy temples made
of water and clay
are not worth a single soul.
Why make pilgrimage
to a shrine
when you can win a heart?

From the house of unbelief
to true religion
is a single breath;
From the world of doubt
to certainty
is a single breath;
Enjoy this precious single breath,
for the harvest of our whole lives
is that same one breath.

That priceless ruby
is from another mine,
and that unique pearl
is from a different shop.
Thinking about this and that
is just your imagination, and mine;
the story of passionate love is
from a different tongue.

Night and day
preceded you and me
The vault of the sky
revolved upon some work.
Be careful to tread lightly
on the earth–
you’re walking on people
who used to be someone’s

Pagan temples and mosques
are all houses of worship.
Ringing church bells
are hymns of worship.
The sacred thread of the Parsee,
the synagogue, the rosary
and the crucifix–
in reality, all
are tokens of
servitude to God

On the tablet of fate
was written
the sign of all things.
It is all the same to the
pen whether it writes
the good or the bad.
In destiny, all that must be,
was ordained.
How absurd, to grieve or
struggle against it!

I can’t reveal the mystery
to either saint or sinner;
I can’t say at length
what I’ve said curtly;
I achieve an altered state
that I can’t explain;
I have a secret
that I cannot share.

Persian originals in. E. H. Whinfield, The Quatrains of Omar Khayyam (London: Trubner & Co., 1883)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On the Plight of the #Sanchi

Our team was on the prowl monitoring the plight of the Iranian Oil Tanker Sanchi after the collision off the coast of China. Unfortunately, it sank earlier today and 29 of its' personnel are missing and presumed dead.    As we went to press, it is Monday in Iran as the Government has declared a Day of mourning. We here at the Daily Outsider join in honoring the dead and extend our condolences to all the families and pray that the almighty grant them solace:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Special @POTUS Watch Edition): On #Africa, @IndivisibleTeam & Other Thoughts

President Trump's comments on #Africa (despite his denials) have stirred up a lot of Controversy.     It was quite timely as we received this courtesy of the team at @TED on the best of Africa we hope all enjoy as a new week dawns:

Artists to know from Africa's thriving scene

07:57 minutes · Filmed Aug 2017 · Posted Jan 2018 · TEDGlobal 2017
Curator Touria El Glaoui is on a mission to showcase vital new art from African nations and the diaspora. She shares beautiful, inspiring, even thrilling contemporary art that tells powerful stories of African identity and history -- including works by Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop, Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj and Zimbabwean painter Kudzanai-Violet Hwami. As she says: "It is through art that we can really tell our own story."


The rise of Africa’s next generation

What’s the biggest influence on Africa’s future? Its youth. Join the conversation with Africa’s current leaders and the generations of leaders to come. Watch »
5 TED Talks • Total run time 1:23:22

(Update:  Our team got this from the Institute of Policy Studies for an alternative perspective:

I Live in a ‘Shithole Country.’ It’s Called the United States.

A country’s greatness is measured not by its richest, but by how it treats its most vulnerable members. By that measure, we’re a certified shithole.

Our Latest

A Video: Corporations Cutting Jobs After Tax Cut
Sarah Anderson
In this video, Sarah Anderson talks about the CEOs who announced that after the GOP's tax giveaway they'd be cutting jobs, not creating them.
North Korea Is Walking Back War — And Pundits Are Strangely Disappointed
John Feffer
Pundits seem more concerned about the North driving a “wedge” between the U.S. and the South than about preventing nuclear war.
Iran’s Protests Take Place Against a Backdrop of Inequality
Negin Owliaei 
Regardless of the future of the demonstrations, the government must deal with long-standing economic tension.
Hollywood Won’t Destroy Sexism, But We Can
Razan Azzarkani
The solution isn't for Oprah to run for president. It's to listen to women everywhere.
Can Victory Over Irresponsible Mining in Central America Spur a Win in the Philippines?
John Cavanagh and Robin Broad
OceanaGold was stunningly defeated in El Salvador last March. Can it be defeated in the Philippines by 2019?

We conclude with this:

One of the most conservative (and the 2nd wealthiest) members of Congress, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA 49), announced he “will not seek reelection.” Issa is the second California Republican to retire this week and joins a growing list of GOP House retirements.
Indivisible groups in San Diego showed up to Issa’s office 49 weeks in a rowwith an average of 370 constituents each and every week. Issa even once hid from Indivisibles on his office’s rooftop in the heat of the healthcare fight. And yesterday, Indivisible San Diego and other groups from their district held a retirement party for Issa (in the rain, no less!).
This is yet another exciting, movement-defining moment that comes from months of tenacious, relentless organizing from Indivisibles.
And a wave of retirements will help us take the big, blue wave across the country on election day. Last year, Indivisibles committed to making their voices heard and holding their MoCs accountable. This year, we’ll replace those who don’t represent us with diverse, progressive, local leaders.
So, let’s take a moment to celebrate... and then get back to work to take back the House. Check out our email from last week (below), if you haven’t already. Then make sure to get involved with your local Indivisible groupregister to vote, and read up on how we’ll hold our MoCs accountable for their vote on the #TrumpTaxScam
Thanks for all you do,
The Indivisible Team
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Indivisible Team
Date: Wed, Jan 3, 2018
Subject: 2018 is here
Dear Indivisibles,
In 2017, we accomplished so much. We resisted. We organized. We made phone calls. We rallied. We held our elected officials accountable. We won elections. We built power. And we started a movement.
Thanks to the incredible work of Indivisibles across the country, in 2018, we are a force to be reckoned with. And, as the new year starts, we must use that power, that strength to push Democrats to fight for a bold, progressive future and hold Republicans accountable for the betrayal of their constituents on votes to repeal healthcare and pass tax cuts for billionaires.
In 2018, we’ll replace the elected officials who don’t represent us with diverse, progressive, local leaders. And if we put in the work (beginning right now!), our movement will be the catalyst for the big blue wave we all hope to see on election night in just over 300 days.

Kick the year off right. Here are three things you can do right now to take back the House in November:

  1. Find your Indivisible Group. There are at least two Indivisible groups in every single Congressional District across the country. Your local Indivisible group is taking action each and every day to hold your members of Congress accountable, fight for progressive ideas, and, in 2018, they’re going to get involved in elections up and down the ballot. Visit our map, enter your zip code, and find the group closest to you to start taking action now.
  2. Register to vote. Every. vote. matters. We’ve partnered with TurboVote to help Indivisibles everywhere get registered to vote. You can also use our online system to help friends, family members, and your fellow Indivisibles get registered to vote (we even have a Guide to get you started on your first voter registration event in your community). The first primaries start in February and run through August, so make sure you and everyone you know has an updated voter registration!
  3. Replace the MoCs who voted for the #TrumpTaxScam and plan/attend a retirement party event for the week of January 8. It’s been just two weeks since Republicans voted against their constituents and with their donors. No GOP Senator should be able to appear in public in 2018 without answering questions about this betrayal. We won’t forget. We will replace them in 2018 and then repeal the GOP tax scam in 2019. Next week, the week of January 8, kick off this year right by planning a retirement party event at your MoC’s district or state office. Don’t forget to register your event (or search for one near you now).
2017 was a tough, hard year. But in 2018, there is a real opportunity for progressives -- for this movement -- to take back the reins of our government and stop the GOP’s hate-filled agenda once and for all.
If we take back the House, Democrats can hold serious investigations into the Trump Administration’s corruption. If we take back the Senate, we can stop Trump’s unqualified, extremist judicial nominations from receiving lifetime appointments and reshaping our laws for a generation. And winning back governorships and state houses will not only give us the chance to pass progressive, local policies, but also prevent extreme gerrymandering in 2020.
And we will win if Indivisibles everywhere work really hard (like you always do).
This year, we’re going to ask you to do a lot of things you’ve never done before (but don’t worry, we’ll give you the tools and resources you need to do them!). We’ll ask you to help register voters, contact your state elections officials to fight voter suppression, volunteer to help get out the vote, and much, much more… all while we continue to fight Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump’s agenda.
2018 is finally here. Getting involved with your local Indivisible group, making sure you’re registered to vote, and reading up on how we’ll hold our MoCs accountable for their vote on the #TrumpTaxScam is just the start to another successful year for this movement.
Now let’s ride this big blue wave together!
In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team