Sunday, July 4, 2021

Notations On Our World (Special #4thofJuly Edition): Out & About....


It is Independence Day here in the United States.   We wish all a Happy 4th of July.

As a new week dawns, we present a snapshot courtesy the team at the Financial Times and a look back on the week that was that saw the indictment of the Trump Organization and its' CFO, as the Afghanistan Withdrawal gathered pace, as Uzebekstan gears up for Afghan Refugees, as the Brazilian President threatens not to leave office and as Delta Variant Continues to make inroads into the recovery from COVID:

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Notations On Our World (Special Quarter-End Edition): On The State of Our World

 As the Quarter comes to an end, our team chose to report on an upbeat note courtesy the team at the Visual Capitalist (that we value their work immensly) about the happiest countries in the World:

We will be dark throughout our properties through the July 4, 2021 Independence Day Week-End here in the United States.   However, our Facebook Wall and Twitter Corner will be updated twice a day.

We look forward to "seeing" all in our properties starting in July and beyond as our team is ever so grateful for the continued privilege to serve.