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Monday, December 16, 2019

Notations On Our World (Monday Special Edition): On #COP25 & Our World....

As we went to press, we were seeing reports of #COP25 achieving no breakthrough in Spain:

The UN Secretary General Tweeted his disappointment--and Our team could not help but be taken aback by how @Kaltoons depicted the challenging times we are faced with in this regard:

This is as our team has been busy assessing the aftermath of the UK Elections, assessing the Citizenship Law in India (with upheavels in the State of Assam,  New Delhi & Hyderbabad) , the situation in Iran (and our team is finalizing a Year-End Notation on it ), the upcoming expected impeachment trial in the US Senate of President Trump and other profound challenges.

We look forward to sharing a Platform-Wide Year End Notation later on this week as we prepare to go dark for the year throughout our platforms although our team will be curating our Twitter Handle (Ordinary Faces) and as our live broadcast POD will continue to be available featuring SkyNews as we leave all with this from Mahatma Gandhi: