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Friday, October 11, 2019

A pictorial Memoir of my days in Kenya, Summer 2019 ( Part III)

Breath-taking only begins to make meaning here!

Now I know why President Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of The Republic of Kenya made a very profound statement : "Facing Mount Kenya!" My experience was of a nourishing beauty.

So beautiful to say the least.

Rich soils, rich vegetation. It is amazing that the Cradle of Humanity spreads this far in deep Africa!

Final work of an intensive Results Oriented Management Course at St. Mary's S.S., Vocational training and Child Rescue Center, Nyeri, Kenya.

Statement of Belief

A home where we were at home and where we were told of the ancient myths of Mountain Kenya. At 5,199 meters above sea level, Mountain Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa! Here Ngai a great God among the Kikuyu shared nature with humans. This same Divinity is called Engai, among the Maasai.

Charts showing Logic Frames

River Chania coursing through this family's garden and many other gardens is part of the clean water sources used by Nyeri Town

Mighty Chania churning away!

A Furniture Mart that serves as an internship point for St. Mary's S.S. Vocational Training teams

And back to the gardens. It was that hectic!

Back to the Furniture Mart!

The Basil plants, made our herbal teas so savoury! From garden to Kitchen to Table lifestyle!