Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Notations On Our World (Special M-End Edition): Out & About During #LIfeIntheTimeofCorona

As we begin a new quarter, we decided to feature a snapshot of developments from Media Partners we consult daily as we hereby pay tribute to all the heroes:  (From the Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Dentists, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Grocery Workers, Food Pantry Workers...on..on): 

The rapid, extensive spread of COVID-19 is partly a crisis of globalization. The pandemic gives us an opportunity to rethink our global economic system in favor of ‘deglobalization.’

Vehicle pollution in the US is down and deregulatory gifts to Big Oil are up. Grassroots groups wanted a Green Stimulus that addresses both COVID-19 and the climate crisis, but Congress and Trump didn’t deliver.

A UN brief warns about economic collapse, expecting a 40% decrease in GDP and trillions of dollars lost to the private sector in an area already ravaged by inequality, dependency on oil revenue, and authoritarian governments.

Spain faced the second worst infection rate in Europe, and took control of the country’s private health care companies to improve its response. What does this mean for Spain’s public health care system going forward?

Stuck in the house? Social distancing at work? Need a break from the kids? Join Real News’ Kim Brown, Charles Lenchner, Tunde Ogunfolaju, and Lisa Snowden-McCray as we discuss some of the news stories that have us terrified today.

Journalist Kim Kelly has been in contact with a prisoner inside Rikers Island. She talks with TRNN’s Eddie Conway about why immediate further action is needed to protect people from COVID-19.

Many billionaire sports moguls, NCAA officials, and Olympic leaders seem to care more about profit than the well-being of athletes or fans.

Some of the most devastating outbreaks of the modern era can be traced to rapacious development and habitat destruction that brings wild creatures into our domestic spaces. as our World fights the Corona Pandemic.     

Politics happens fast. Catch up.