Monday, December 23, 2019

On a Quite a Year at the Daily Outsider....


It has been quite a year at The Daily Outsider as we celebrated a year of achievement and milestones.  We purposefully decided to headline it as "The Year in Hope" that we captured from the Obama Foundation simply to underscore a sense of hope that we had about our initiatives and our roadmap for the future.     As we reflected upon the year, we hope all enjoyed our selection of one of our favorite artists, Cold Play in line with a tradition we had to periodically feature our "Artist of the Week".  

2019 saw us go through a first phase of a rebranding & transformation process that saw us launch the Perspectives, Education and Visions Initiative as the Ordinary Faces initiative went through a facelift.  We also worked on laying out a transformation of our platforms.    Being named as a Google News Initiative and continuing the close collaboration with SuiteBriar and Google was among some of the achievements that we look forward to building on the 6321 published pieces we have done throughout our platforms.

2019 saw us continuing our engagement on Social Media with our Medium Corner, our Twitter Corner, periodic curation at our Facebook Corner which is an area we believe we can continue to build upon in the new year.    This is as we continued our engagements and worked to also be more focused with being a focused aggregator of the information at hand as we identified some key partners to feature including the Visual Capitalist.     We hereby present the following courtesy of the Visual Capitalist on 2019:

A countdown of our top infographics from 2019, including some of our most viewed graphics and other hand-picked entries from our staff.
Every day, global trends are reshaping society and business. Here are 10 insights into how the world is changing—and where we are heading.
This graphic reveals the best-performing stocks over the last 10 years, and shows how much an initial $100 investment would be worth today.
The Arctic is changing. As shrinking ice cover makes this region more accessible, nations with Arctic real estate are exploring economic opportunities.
This infographic delves into what it takes to become an effective leader, and how those qualities can impact a company—beyond employee satisfaction.


We also continue our Social Good Efforts that culminated in the launch of the Esparanza Platform that has featured guidance from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency which we hope we can build upon as we gear up to be supportive of the MLK Day National day of Service in January 2020 and the Global Volunteer Month sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation later on in April 2020--and Climate Advocacy.    We hereby note this courtesy of the team at the Points of Light Foundation:

Coming Soon: Global Volunteer Month 

At Points of Light, recognizing individuals and organizations that are creating change in their communities is an important part of our mission. As we work to build a global culture of volunteering, we are excited to share plans for and invite you to join us for a new celebration of volunteer service in communities around the world: Global Volunteer Month. Taking place in April, Global Volunteer Month will be an opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger, more vibrant communities, and take action that changes the world.

Learn More >>

This was also a year of danger and challenges for Journalists around the World.   What was noted below courtesy of the Committee to Protect Journalists was of profound concern--As we went to press, Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein had spent his 3rd Year in Prison in Egypt without a charge and Five Saudis were sentenced to death for the murder of Jamal Khashoogi:
This week, CPJ released its 2019 prison census, finding that China, Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are the worst jailers of journalists worldwide. For the fourth consecutive year, at least 250 journalists are imprisoned globally. While the majority face anti-state charges, the number charged with “false news” rose to 30 compared with 28 last year. See more findings in this video.

The report is available in nine languages: EnglishFrançaisEspañolPortuguȇsفارسیРусскийTürkçeالعربية中文.

CPJ will release two additional reports this month: “One Country, One Censor,” on Chinese influence in Hong Kong and Taiwan, will be published Monday December 16, and our annual report on journalists killed in relation to their work will be published on Wednesday, December 18.

CPJ’s prison census was accompanied by several blog posts:
Our team was also quite busy assessing on-going developments throughout the Middle East with a special focus on Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.   Iran saw its' biggest uprising that saw mass demonstrations in over 200 cities and 28 of the 31 provinces throughout Iran.   As we went to press, Reuters reported that some 1500 people had been killed.   The parents of one of the fallen, Pouya Bakhtiyari, called for all to join them at the graveside of their Son in the South of the Tehran at 2:00 PM Local Time on Thursday December 26--The 40th Day of his death.     We received reports that his parents were detained by Security Officials after his father refused Authorities' demands that he refrain from a public memorial for his Son.      The discourse our team captured during our assessment over social media was telling : 

Uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon have continued.   This is as Syria began its' final assault on the remnants of the Opposition and Turkey began its' offensive after President Trump decided to withdraw.    There is also the matter of the impeachment of President Trump as the 2020 campaign was in full swing as the tossle continued between all the various political factions--In spite of the challenges, a Budget was passed, the new NAFTA (referred to as USMCA) was approved although many other bills were not taken up by the US Senate:

Europe was also quite fascinating to be witness to as Britain finally figured out it wanted to be out of the European Union, Spain had a Government, protests in France continued, Greece stabilized and got a new Government.  It will be quite a year in Europe as the new leadership for the European Commission took charge.

We have also had a special focus on China and India.   India was continuing to deal with major unrest in the aftermath of the passage of the Citizenship Law as the hold that the BJP had on power seemed to wither away as it lost 5 states.   Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, was at the forefront of it all:
   China also continued its' assertive stance as the trade war with the United States continued.   As we went to press, China initiative cuts in Tariffs , hosted a summit with the leaders of Japan and South Korea and launched a new Aircraft Carrier--as it also announced aggressive plans for space exploration.    

As we conclude our final thoughts for the year, we wanted to close out with one of our must reads on the future that can be possible--we agree with the ever eloquent Alan Murray on what Shideh Binah noted: 

Seasons's Greetings from our team --Onward to 2020 with all its possibilities!!

See you all next year!!

Please Enjoy Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video)

Monday, December 16, 2019

Notations On Our World (Monday Special Edition): On #COP25 & Our World....

As we went to press, we were seeing reports of #COP25 achieving no breakthrough in Spain:

The UN Secretary General Tweeted his disappointment--and Our team could not help but be taken aback by how @Kaltoons depicted the challenging times we are faced with in this regard:

This is as our team has been busy assessing the aftermath of the UK Elections, assessing the Citizenship Law in India (with upheavels in the State of Assam,  New Delhi & Hyderbabad) , the situation in Iran (and our team is finalizing a Year-End Notation on it ), the upcoming expected impeachment trial in the US Senate of President Trump and other profound challenges.

We look forward to sharing a Platform-Wide Year End Notation later on this week as we prepare to go dark for the year throughout our platforms although our team will be curating our Twitter Handle (Ordinary Faces) and as our live broadcast POD will continue to be available featuring SkyNews as we leave all with this from Mahatma Gandhi:

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): Out & About...

As the Week-End Looms, please enjoy the scenes from our team's walkabout in Community this week from the Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos & the Evening in our Hometown, Laguna Niguel: 

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Evening In Laguna Niguel 

We close with this alternative view of the US Economy as 2020 looms: 

Friday, December 13, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Special Friday Edition): On #UKElection2019, @BorisJohnson & The Roadmap

As we went to press,  Exit Polls reflected a convincing win for the UK Conservatives led by Boris Johnson--and a devastating loss by the Labor Party and also the Democratic Unionist Party.   The Scottish National Party is set to sweep 55 out of 59 Seats in Scotland.

The Pound Sterling has risen as a result and the Prime Minister noted it in a Tweet:

Thank you to everyone across our great country who voted, who volunteered, who stood as candidates. We live in the greatest democracy in the world.

The Financial Times reported on relief by the European Union--although challenges will remain:

The most important challenge--The Future of the UK itself: