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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Notations On Our World (Special Mid-Week Edition): On Our World

 COVID-19 rages on--we in the United States are one of the major epicenters in the World.      We had featured a Virtual PSA throughout our properties to provide guidance courtesy the Centers for Disease Control here in the United States that we will continue to maintain throughout our Visions, Education, Esparanza and Ordinary Faces Platforms--as we hope all our valued community visitors and partners are uplifted by this.   This was written by Kelmti Horra and her iconic scenes when she stood up during the Tunisian Revolution of 2011 that saw Tunisia be Free--the only success of the Arab Spring.   Although Tunisia has been the victim of terrorism, it has enjoyed a sense of Freedom unseen in other parts of the Arab World.    This is as Libya is in chaos, Egypt is ruled by a dictator while grappling with massive unemployement and a raging insurgency in the Sinai, Yemen is a continued human tragedy and Lebanon is in the midst of the worst economic crisis it has seen since the end of the Civil War.    There is, of course, Syria.      

We must note the only success story which is the United Arab Emirates as it is a island of stability as it is now planning on a mission to Mars as it also has been at the forefront of the struggle against COVID-19.     We have also been assessing Bahrain as well--that continues to be sustained through the support of Saudi Arabia.     Saudi Arabia has also been quite busy along with Iraq--as the New Prime Minister of Iraq has profound challenges trying to right the ship in Iran.  This is a snapshot of what the UAE has been up to : 

We have also been assessing the situation in Iran as the controversy over the 25 year proposed agreement with China, the raging COVID-19 pandemic that has led to a shutdown in the Capital along with the economic collapse.  We have also been assessing the on-going US Election Scene for which Notations will be released.   This Thought Resonated with us: 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Notations On Our World: On the #BlueGirl; #Israel, #Iran & Other Thoughts

“We’re living in a story-based world. We’re hard-wired to process things through the lens of stories which are linear narratives.” — Neal Stephenson

 Our team decided to feature this courtesy of the Team at Mission because we view our Mission as to tell a story and to do what we can to make a difference.

To this end, we have been assessing the state of affairs in Israel as another election took place and as we went to press, the current Prime Minister of Israel enticed the former Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, to form a Unity Government.   We have also been assessing the aftermath of the attack on Saudi Arabia's Oil Facilities.  President Trump noted that the United States can defend Saudi Arabia--but Saudi Arabia has to reimburse the United States.

In the meantime, it is the dawn of the annual UN General Assembly as we saw reports on how Iran has become a bit more challenging to tame while the United States has increased the pressure as visas for President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif was yet to be issued: 

We also have been paying tribute to the case of the Blue Girl in Iran.  She was a young 17-year old fan of Soccer (Football) and she set herself ablaze--tributes were on-going and our team had the pleasure to join in honoring her--this is as Iran's State Broadcaster brought the Father on who claimed her child was mentally ill:

Our team will continue its' ongoing assessment as we look forward to the engagements over the ensuing weeks.