Friday, November 16, 2018

Notations From the Grid ((Special Friday Edition)): @OrdinaryFaces Celebrate #PhilosophyDay

Thursday was World Philosophy Day.   In honor of this day, our team captured a sampling of thoughts from the team at UNESCO that we hereby present here for enjoyment: 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Special Thursday PM Edition): @SethMeyers Reflects On the State of Mind of @realDonaldTrump

Notations On Our World (Special Thursday Edition): A Window Into Our World

As part of our quest to help change the conversation about our World, we hereby present this courtesy of the Real News of what transpired in our World over the past 24 hours:

Lieberman Quits Netanyahu For Not Being Violent Enough to Gaza
The resignation of far-right Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman in protest of the Gaza truce could trigger early elections as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already grapples with the biggest corruption scandal in Israel’s history. We speak to author and Real News correspondent Shir Hever

Brazil's 'Slow Motion Coup' - General Admits Intimidating Court into Imprisoning Lula da Silva
The latest revelation about Brazil’s slow motion coup, designed to ensure that the center-left remains out of power and the far-right takes control, involves a general who admitted that he threatened the Supreme Court so it would imprison presidential front-runner Lula da Silva. We discuss the development with Brian Mier

Amazon's New NYC and DC Headquarters Bilked the Cities
The contest for Amazon’s HQ2 prompted hundreds of cities to put in tax break and subsidy bids. Former financial regulator Bill Black says these deals never pay off for the communities involved

Will Israel Respect the Gaza Ceasefire it Broke?
There are reports of a new ceasefire in the Gaza Strip after a botched Israeli raid led to its worst bombings of the territory since 2014. We discuss Israel’s latest attacks on civilian infrastructure with Dr. Basem Naim, former Minister of Health in Gaza

Activists and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Demand Nancy Pelosi Take Action on Climate
Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement talks about why hundreds of activists occupied Nancy Pelosi’s offices demanding a Green New Deal and an end to fossil fuel contributions

California Sees Deadliest Wildfire in History
Mustafa Santiago Ali talks to Dharna Noor about how global warming, drought, and winds created the conditions for California’s wildfires and what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future

Since October 2017, America experienced three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history. This epidemic coincides with a frightening resurgence of white nationalism. Sometimes the two trends overlap. Watch more Empire Files.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): Out & About re #Brexit; @Israel & Other Thoughts

Gaza City Earlier This Morning 

In the oil fields of the Middle East Today 
As we are going to press right now, there are late breaking developments on the drama going on between the United Kingdom and the European Union.   As of this moment, there is no deal in spite of the late breaking developments as the draft text will go before the UK Cabinet tomorrow with a follow-up summit.  We will have an update on it here on Friday as the leading Brexit Champion Boris Johnson has called for Cabinet resignations without having even seen the Text.

Beyond Europe, there is of course the Middle East.   As we went to press, Israel and Gaza were at war and there was another agreement to implement the 2014 Agreement brokered by Egypt and the United Nations as Qatar stepped in with 15 Million Dollars to pay Hamas Civil Servant Salaries and to get fuel back on track.    This is as reporting was out of OPEC about a cut in production due to lower demand for Oil which may force Saudi Arabia and other oil producers to cut back on production--including Iran with US Sanctions.   Meanwhile, back in the United States, President Trump has been on Twitter with broadsides against President Macron of France and addressing the on-going election dispute in Florida as a Democrat won the Arizona Senate Race.

Interesting times as a new week begins as we leave you with these "sites" from the Grid over the Veterans Day Week-End:

Notation From The Grid (Special Edition) Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About "Voter Fraud": A Closer Look

Notations From The Grid (weekly edition) : So Much News, So Little Time – Whitaker, California Fires & Trump’s WWI ...

Friday, November 9, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Friday Edition): On the Tragedy in Thousand Oaks

America was again witness to a mass shooting Thursday morning where a Former Marine walked into a bar and started shooting.    President Trump ordered flags flown at half mass and this was released by the White House:

1600 Daily
The White House • November 8, 2018

America’s flag flies at half-staff tonight

Late last night, 12 people were killed in a horrific shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. This morning, President Donald J. Trump signed a Proclamation as America mourns alongside the victims’ families and communities.
“As a mark of solemn respect for the victims of the terrible act of violence,” President Trump writes, “I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset, November 10, 2018.”

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were briefed on the shooting and the police response early this morning. “Great bravery shown by police. California Highway Patrol was on scene within 3 minutes, with first officer to enter shot numerous times. That Sheriff’s Sergeant died in the hospital,” the President tweeted.

God bless all of the victims and families of the victims. Thank you to Law Enforcement.”

Read the President’s Proclamation remembering the victims in Thousand Oaks.

Acts of courageSheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus “died a hero.”
This is as the Gun Violence Project provided some very grim statistics which is available by clicking on this link:  Gun Violence Archive

Incidents in 2018

Notations On Our World: On The Aftermath of the #MidTerms

As we went to press with this special edition of @POTUS Watch, we have been assessing the state of the post-midterms as we see concerns from the White House on the appointment of the new Acting Attorney General ((including an editorial in the New York Times)).   This is also as The President has begun the interview rounds to replace Jeff Sessions by meeting with Senator Lindsay Graham and Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.    This is also as the backlash continues in the aftermath of the treatment of Jim Acosta.    Furthermore,  we are expecting to see Former First Lady Michelle Obama's Memoirs due next Tuesday which is slated to be extremely tough on President Trump 

We leave you all with a "Virtual Snapshot" of some of the latest we picked up on the Social Media Feed we assess on a daily basis and some closing thoughts from Seth Meyers with his latest edition of "A Closer Look": 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Thursday Edition): On #IranSanctions

Iran Sanctions Are in Effect and the after effects are beginning.
Our Team captured a number of "Visual Sights" as Sanctions went into effect, Iran Leaders continued their belligerent Rhetoric, Iran Air Planes were grounded in Turkey and refused Fuel.

We will be assessing the profound challenges over the ensuing day and weeks: 

Notations On Our World (Special Local Edition): Late Breaking Developments Courtesy Voice of OC

As our team continued its' post-midterm assessment, we picked this snapshot courtesy of the team at Voice of OC on the state of affairs in Orange County--we will continue the on-going assessment of the effects of the Elections on the next two years of the Trump Presidency in spite of the View from the White House: 

Wrapping up a Purple Shaded Election Day in OC

Estimated 418,600 Ballots Left to Count So It May Be Weeks Before Winners in Key Races Are Known 

Spitzer Declares Victory in DA Run; At Least 40 Percent of Vote Left to Count

49th Congressional District Democrat Levin With 7-point Lead Over Republican Harkey

Democrat Rouda Increased Lead Over Longtime Rep. Rohrabacher

Too Close to Call Races in the 39th and 45th Congressional Districts

The Latest on the Anaheim and Santa Ana Election Counts

Donald Barnes to Succeed Sandra Hutchens As Orange County Sheriff

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

On @POTUS watch as @realDonaldTrump Fires @JeffSessions

Notations On Our World (Special #USMidTerm2018 Edition): On the Day After....

The day after the Mid-Terms has arrived in the United States.
As we hope all enjoy images from throughout the Grid, there have been a number of very interesting updates: 
  • The Democrats have taken over the US House;
  • Democrats have won in at 6 Governor Races--including Wisconsin and Kansas
  • The Republicans have expanded their Senate Majority including a key win by Ted Cruz.
  • The Republicans have won the key Governor Race in Florida

We look forward to sharing further thoughts as we hope all enjoy some of the "Virtual Scenes" of quite a Mid-Term here in the United States--and as we are going to press now, President Trump is set to have a News Conference to discuss the Mid-Terms: