Monday, November 26, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Final Month-End Edition): On Our World

As we bid farewell to November, our team decided to present a brief snapshot of some of the alternative media in our World as we await December and look forward to being of service in 2019--beginning with a tribute to the Syrian Activist Raed Fares that was gunned down in Idlib as we pay tribute to him and all the valiant fighters for truth and justice in our World: 

The Doomsday Machine and Nuclear Winter - Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (11/12)
An H Bomb first strike will create firestorms and smoke that ends most human life; this is a fact ignored by military planners and by the Trump administration which doesn’t believe in climate science – says Daniel Ellsberg on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay

Trump Considering to Put Venezuela on 'State Sponsor of Terrorism' List and Intensify Sanctions
According reports in Washington Post and Reuters, the Trump administration is actively exploring the option of placing Venezuela on the state sponsor of terrorism list, to further intensify sanctions that have already caused significant damage to Venezuela’s economy. We speak to Steve Ellner about the sanctions’ effects

Amazon Gets $3 Billion in NY Tax Breaks While Underfunded Public Transport Enters 'Death Spiral'
Prof. Richard Wolff explains why the $3 billion subsidy for one of the world’s largest corporations is a terrible waste of public money

Antitrust and How Kleptocracy Corrupts What Markets are Supposed to do Well
Bert Foer, Senior Fellow at the American Antitrust Institute speaks at the forum, “Destroying the Myths of Market Fundamentalism,” held in Washington DC, on October 19, 2018

China Intensifies Crackdown on Marxist Student Activists
Chinese university students, inspired by their studies of Marx, are facing an increasing state crackdown on their movement in support of workers who have been trying to organize Shenzhen’s Jasic Technology. Prof. Zhun Xu analyzes the situation

Ralph Nader: Destroying the Myths of Market Fundamentalism
Market fundamentalism’s ideological tyranny is metastasizing, afflicting the young, silencing politicians and hoodwinking the media. Too few progressives have a handle on the powerful arguments that can be made to counter market fundamentalism. It’s time to confront the myths with compelling empirical reality that deconstructs and destroys the plutocratic hoax. A roundtable recorded at the…

Can a $1.8 Billion Gift to Johns Hopkins University Spark National College Affordability Policy Changes?
TRNN’s Khalilah Harris discusses critiques and possible implications of Michael Bloomberg’s historic donation with Lester Spence, political commentator and Hopkins Associate Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies

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