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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Mid-Week Edition): Out & About in Our World

Our team has been on the prowl assessing the fire in our home State of California over the past number of days as we captured these scenes from Grid.  

As we went to press, we were on the prowl as reports came down that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley was threatened and staff was evacuated.      The Getty Museum in West Los Angeles was also on the fire Path as well.   We could not agree more with Lakers Star LeBron James when he noted how "crazy" he was--his family had to evacuate and he sponsored a Taco Truck for First Respondents.

Beyond the challenging scenes here in California, there is the on-going calamity in Syria as Syrian State Media is reporting clashes with Turkish Forces.    A Russian-Backed meeting  has been going on in Geneva to come up with a new post-war Constitution for Syria.    This is as Iraq Protests are continuing and the Shitte Bloc has withdrawn its backing from the Iraqi Prime Minister after he refused to call for elections.

Challenging Times....

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Notations On Our World (Special Tuesday Edition): On #Turkey; #Syria-On the View From the Ground

As we went to press, the Turkish Army continued its' assault in Northern Syria.     President Trump imposed sanctions and noted that Vice President Pence and the National Security Advisor were slated to be dispatched to try and end the fighting.   Vice President Pence was adamant in stating that the United States did not give a green light to Turkey to invade.   There was a perception that the United States was trying to mitigate what was perceived as a Foreign Policy blunder.  

As our team continued to assess the changing true realities on the ground, we captured the following which captures the profound seismic shift in the Middle East right now : 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Special Sunday Edition): On #Turkey, #Syria & the War...

It has been a challenging few days as the Turkish Army continues its' assault in Northern Syria.   The National's Joyce Karam released the following to get a sense of the challenges at hand in this regard as the United States is withdrawing Troops:

UPDATE: #Syria - #Turkey • Kurds/SDF STRIKE DEAL W ASSAD • Syria Regime Deployments NE to counter Turkey • 24 Civilians Killed (SOHR) • US to start withdrawal “in days” • Trump declined defending SDF • Merkel
Erdogan • US to stay in Tanf (Al Monitor) • Putin
This is shaping up as most chaotic US withdrawal from region. Rivals hurrying to collect the spoils. With Assad deal with Kurds, a Turkey- Syria regime battle in horizon. Russia role on the rise as Trump packs and leaves

A Sampling of the engagements over Social Media underscored the challenging reality on the ground :

This is a sense of the aftermath of President Trump's Decision on the long-term impact of the challenging times before us: 

 The Economist' Kal also weighed on: 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On @POTUS Watch

The impeachment debate has been dominating the headlines.   This is as North Korea walked out of talks and gave the United States until the end of the year before it noted that it would look for alterantives.--The United States Government denied it all.    This is also as demonstrations in Iraq and Hong Kong continue--and as Turkey contemplates expanding its' zone of influence in Syria underscored by the Turkish President Complaint to President Trump in a call yesterday.

On the reelection front, President Trump's RE-Election Campaign, though, has been out-raising the entire Democratic Presidential Field epitomized by this Poster: 

This poster was sold out in a few Hours--and estimates we have seen note that the President's reelection campaign has about 150 Million Dollars cash on hand.   

The Economist' Kaltoons, though, had his own take on President Trump's current predicament as the President's Supporters were on the US Public Affair Talk shows over the Week-End making the case for the President:  

This is as the Washington Examiner reported on this in  regards to the #ImpeachmentInquiry over the weekend:

President Trump told Republicans that Energy Secretary Rick Perry encouraged him to have the phone call with Ukraine's president that flung his presidency into chaos.
During a conference call with GOP lawmakers in the House on Friday, Trump claimed he did not even want to have the July 25 conversation in which he urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his political rivals. A clash over a U.S. intelligence official's whistleblower complaint that raised concerns about this phone call paved the way for House Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry.
Read the full story here.

And then, there were eight.
Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah, a first-term Democrat representing a Salt Lake City-area district won by President Trump in 2016, said he favors an impeachment inquiry of the White House incumbent over the Ukraine whistleblower episode.
McAdams had been among a small group of holdouts in the 235-House Democratic Caucus, each representing districts won by Trump in 2016 or that they flipped from Republican control in the 2018 midterm elections, giving Democrats their first majority in the chamber in eight years.
Read the full story here.

As we went to press assessing the state of the Trade War, this crossed our news wire courtesy of the Financial Times that underscores how the transformation is going on which in our view is elluding policymakers in Washington:

It will be quite a week.