Sunday, March 27, 2022

On Our "Virtual Route 66" This Week in Our World ((Final Quarter-End Edition))


It was quite a week as we continued our daily travels on our "Virtual Route 66" This Week as March 2022 comes to a close and April looms.   The war in Ukraine rages on,  Iran's Nuclear Agreements are in a state of flux, North Koreans are reportedly planning for new nuclear tests as there is talk of an "Arab NATO" for the Middle East as the Supreme Court Justice nominee hearings concluded in the United States. 

Onward to the new quarter as we present the following courtesy the team at Politico, The financial times of London and other leading publications around the World: 

Interview in Kyiv

Volodymyr Zelensky on why Ukraine must defeat Putin

At his headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine’s president speaks to The Economist about his country’s battle and the struggle of light over dark


In the war room with Volodymyr Zelensky

Tired but still cracking jokes, Ukraine’s hunted president says “I’m not a hero”


Volodymyr Zelensky in his own words

The transcript from his meeting with our journalists

Great-power politics

In Ukraine, Biden must relearn Truman’s lessons from the cold war

America once again seeks to curb Russia and China without blowing up the world

The war in Ukraine

An uncertain outlook across Ukraine

Russia’s atrocities in Mariupol have not brought it closer to victory. But they have not yet spread farther afield, either

The big sort

How the Ukrainian refugee crisis will change Europe

The welcome may not last

Notations From the Social Grid (W-End Edition): A Conversation with Fiona Hill

Sunday, March 20, 2022

On Our "Virtual Route 66" Around The World This Week: On the Week That Was....


Our team was on the prowl this weekend in our beautiful home state of California.   Our team captured this scenic route off the US 101 Freeway.

It was quite a week in our World as Russia continued to pound Ukraine, as the election season got underway in the United States, as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank raised interest rates.  We present a curated "snapshot" of our world by reporting from the Washington Examiner, The Financial Times of London, and analysts around the World:

Bipartisan group of senators visits Ukraine border amid refugee surge

Bipartisan group of senators visits Ukraine border amid refugee surge

A bipartisan group of senators traveled to Poland and Germany this weekend to meet with leaders from NATO countries and U.S. military officials as Russia continues its military offensive into Ukraine.

Read the full story here.