Friday, November 9, 2018

Notations On Our World: On The Aftermath of the #MidTerms

As we went to press with this special edition of @POTUS Watch, we have been assessing the state of the post-midterms as we see concerns from the White House on the appointment of the new Acting Attorney General ((including an editorial in the New York Times)).   This is also as The President has begun the interview rounds to replace Jeff Sessions by meeting with Senator Lindsay Graham and Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.    This is also as the backlash continues in the aftermath of the treatment of Jim Acosta.    Furthermore,  we are expecting to see Former First Lady Michelle Obama's Memoirs due next Tuesday which is slated to be extremely tough on President Trump 

We leave you all with a "Virtual Snapshot" of some of the latest we picked up on the Social Media Feed we assess on a daily basis and some closing thoughts from Seth Meyers with his latest edition of "A Closer Look": 

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