Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): Out & About re #Brexit; @Israel & Other Thoughts

Gaza City Earlier This Morning 

In the oil fields of the Middle East Today 
As we are going to press right now, there are late breaking developments on the drama going on between the United Kingdom and the European Union.   As of this moment, there is no deal in spite of the late breaking developments as the draft text will go before the UK Cabinet tomorrow with a follow-up summit.  We will have an update on it here on Friday as the leading Brexit Champion Boris Johnson has called for Cabinet resignations without having even seen the Text.

Beyond Europe, there is of course the Middle East.   As we went to press, Israel and Gaza were at war and there was another agreement to implement the 2014 Agreement brokered by Egypt and the United Nations as Qatar stepped in with 15 Million Dollars to pay Hamas Civil Servant Salaries and to get fuel back on track.    This is as reporting was out of OPEC about a cut in production due to lower demand for Oil which may force Saudi Arabia and other oil producers to cut back on production--including Iran with US Sanctions.   Meanwhile, back in the United States, President Trump has been on Twitter with broadsides against President Macron of France and addressing the on-going election dispute in Florida as a Democrat won the Arizona Senate Race.

Interesting times as a new week begins as we leave you with these "sites" from the Grid over the Veterans Day Week-End:

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