Thursday, May 12, 2016

On the Eve of the W-End: Quite a Challenging Week....

It has been an interesting week in our World.   The World has been as challenging as ever as Islands have disappeared due to rising oceans, Iraq continues to bleed, Brazil lost a President and Irans new Parliament conveyed.   This is also as one of the most pivotal countries in Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo, is becoming increasingly unstable in addition to another pivotal country, Turkey.   

It was not easy to be optimistic.    As the team at #Outsiders decided to release the first edition of the Friday Musical Interlude in the Beta Site,     I ran across these two thoughts as I was on the "Grid" and they are as eloquent as they come about wanting to be aware, to make a difference and never give up for anything!!!

Wishing all a fab Friday and a fab W-End!!!


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