Sunday, May 1, 2016

As May 2016 Dawns......

It was a day again of Social Curation and assessment  as I continued supporting our ever changing World.  It was amusing to me personally as I saw speculation on Donald Trump's VP prospects.   This amusement was tempered, though, by chaos in Iraq and the continued tragedy in Syria.   For the record, I still refer to those countries in a unitary way even though both countries effectively ceased to exist as a country long ago which will be further assessed in #Outsiders over the course of the ensuing weeks.  

It was also a weekend of service as I was witness to a joyous time at the Taste of Aliso Niguel 2016. This is an event that has been held for the past 9 years supporting Aliso Niguel High School's Activites that also provides an opportunity for the various Atheltic Programs to also raise funds for their programs through an auction process.   The Food was great, the music was fabulous and the vibrancy of the community was ever so evident.      As I was also "on the Grid", this "popped up" on my personal Facebook Wall:

Embracing a sense of hope is key as  I look to what I view as another challenging month  with the ongoing daily challenges of #outsiders and other projects.   What  I took comfort were the thoughts I looked up from the great Michael Jordan which I hope continues to an inspiration to all:

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