Saturday, April 30, 2016

On This Working W-End: Thoughts On #Outsides & #Success & Remembering Carl Sagan & Space....

Today has been exactly 30 days since Daily Outsider 2.x Beta  Began.   As I have noted, it has been a challenging transition as the tweaking and build-out is continuing.  

One of the key focus points for me is to relaunch and revamp the community channel in the new channel including on-going developments throughout my home community of Laguna Niguel and Beyond.    It is exciting as I have a unique interesting chance to put Laguna Niguel on the map with what I will be doing with the Traffic Commission Initiative that was just concluded.

These I ran across go to the heart of  this journey of hope that I picked upon +EdCast on Friday:  

10 Great Rule For Success: A youtuber has mined some of the best insights from Elon Musk over the course of several interviews. This is a fantastic...

As I refleced upon the last thirty days, I could not help but embrace this from the great Carl Sagan and lamented the fact over Facebook as I worked "on the Grid" tending to commitments at the Daily Outsider on how he was missed :

“In science it often happens that scientists say,
‘You know that’s a really good argument; my position is mistaken,’and then they would actually change their mindsand you never hear that old view from them again.They really do it.It doesn’t happen as often as it should,because scientists are humanand change is sometimes painful.But it happens every day.I cannot recall the last time something like thathappened in politics or religion.”

..and of cousre this from Space courtesy of The International Space Station as reported by Dr. Firouz Naderi of NASA: 

Happy May day to all!!!

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