Monday, April 18, 2016

Working Away with thoughts on @Yahoo; #Courage, #Media & other Thoughts....

As a new week dawns, our new beta site just had two "notations" published which I was happy to facilitate and support. The team's decision to avoid any direct mention or comments on the state of the US Elections until after the primary was courageous in some respects--this is as the fight will more than likely continue through to the conventions not withstanding what the so-called "punditry" class may or may not say.

One very interesting development I found of note was how +Snapchat seems to be the "media" of choice for the Teens right now.    As our network evolution continues, one of our plans is to leverage +Snapchat--the challenge is to make it so in a way that is appealing.     I have also been on the prowl regarding +Yahoo 's fate as bidders have apparently submitted bids on the eve of Yahoo's earnings' announcement tomorrow.   The "word" is that it is not a question of if, but when, the Marisa Meyer era will end at Yahoo and how what I deemed the "garage sale" will ensue.    Despite all their profound challenges, they have still gotten over 1 Billion Visits a month--however monetization is a problem just like any Virtual Site--including #Outsiders.

Beyond the +Yahoo story, there is also the other emerging media before us.    +BuzzFeed (that Comcast invested $ 350 Million in) missed its apparent earnings target and from what the folks at the Business Insider noted, this year is not looking much better either.     It appears that @BuzzFeed wants to move more into TV just as +Mashable has done.    It will be interesting to see how +Vox reacts to this changing landscape as I have seen some of their personalities also featured prominently on the so-called mainstream networks.

As I finish off these brief thoughts, I wanted to conclude by sharing one hopeful sign from the Middle East on the emergence of a new Palestinian Moderate Movement that may present a third way beyond what we have been witness to called "Zimam".    It is on Facebook and so far has over 200,000 likes.     


It is also with a sense of courage that the journey continues as I ran across this during one of my recent delay forays into the Web:

I hope all enjoy this as I wish all a great week!!!

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