Monday, April 11, 2016

Working Away....

It has been an interesting morning throughout the World.    As someone with a keen interest in Media and the Virtual Media landscape, I have been witness to the tragedy of Yahoo as the bidding begins for assets.   It was not entirely surprising as I saw the reports that the Daily Mail of the UK is actively looking at Yahoo along with Time and other major media players.    Whoever gets their hands on Yahoo will inherit a brand that has over a billion visitors a month to all its' properties--I don't noting how jealous I am as #outsiders continues its' perilous journey!!!   I saw a headline during the AM review on how Marissa Meyer was "toast".    She is expected to walk away with a separation package of over $ 100 Million if she's dismissed--I do wonder what will happen to her afterwards.    Will she be another Carly Fiorina?

On a side note, I was working away on the Grid too as the team was busy with the Morning Twitter Curation.     What I ran across below is helping to drive me and the team earlier also picked it up as well which I was quite pleased to see:

Enough said.....

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