Friday, October 20, 2017

Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): Reflections....

The US Media was focused on Hillary Clinton , Donald Trump and the fallen Niger soldiers.  We here at the Daily Outsider join in saluting them all and their families and the families of all the fallen and all who serve on the frontlines everyday.

One key thing we want to note that we owe it to them and all who serve to truly think about a more viable future.  This future that is here now is being forgotten and the team at CBInsight captured this brilliantly that we we are pleased to share for this weekend edition of "Notations" as we wish all a restful weekend: 

It’s already possible to imagine a not-too-distant future in which store clerks and cashiers are endangered species. And that translates to nearly 5 million jobs in the US.

The human impact will be huge. 
  • Fast-food: Already in Midtown Manhattan, you can go to an automated, nearly human-free restaurant like Eatsa to grab your lunch from a cubby that pops open. You can also get a robot to serve you coffee in SF at CafeX.
  • Convenience stores: Several startups like F5 Future Store and Bingobox are building robotic convenience stores. Next-gen vending machine startup Bodega was scoffed at for appropriating the name of New York’s corner stores for its concept. But the vision of widespread souped-up vending machines unbundling the 7-Elevens and Circle-Ks of the world is hardly crazy (and already a fact of life in Japan and parts of Northern Europe). 
  • Gyms: Even gyms are being automated, and doing away with human staff. You can step into a 43-square-foot self-service “workout pod” on the sidewalks of Beijing and run on a treadmill while watching TV. Startups like MisspaoLePaoDouba, and others have already rolled out 24-hour public gym pods.
Larger companies are also using a human-free strategy: When Snapchat launched its Spectacles, it used pop-up vending machines.

One day not so far off, I am sure we’ll think back nostalgically about the days of surly convenience store clerks.

Have a great weekend.


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