Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On Elections in the United States

 As we went to press, Donald Trump is refusing to concede and is raising money to pay down campaign debt while mounting legal challenges throughout the United States.    World leaders have been congratulating President-Elect Biden with two notable exceptions:  China and Mexico.

The Secretary of Defense was fired yesterday and a number of other key officials also either resigned or were dismissed and loyalists were put in their place.   This is as the Trump Administration is refusing to cooperate on the Transition including the GSA Administrator, Emily Murphy, who has refused to sign a formal letter authorizing funds and office space.     The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has also refused to provide the President's Daily Brief to the President-Elect.   

We hereby present a snapshot of the discourse over the past 24 hours :

It is also  Veterans Day in the United States and Armistice Day in the UK.   We extend best wishes to all Veterans and salute them for their service.

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