Sunday, June 9, 2024

On Our "Virtual Route 66" : On the Week That Was in Our World ((With an Update))

**Update:  President Macron of France has dissolved the National Assembly and has called for snap elections after suffering defeat in the European Elections**

It has been quite a week as our team continued to prowl the World on our "Virtual Route 66" as we assessed the Indian Elections, The US Election Scene (that we released a perspective to our Weekly Perspective Property courtesy Zeteo), The Election in Mexico,  the Challenges of Europe and the latest out of the Middle East as the war in Gaza raged on (and as we went to press, Benny Ganz resigned)  with thoughts courtesy the Institute for Economics and Peace, Defense One, The Financial Times, France 24, Crooked Media, the Institute For Policy Studies, Al-Monitor and Heather Cox Richardson: 

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