Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Some "mid-week" Thoughts While Working Away Gearing up For Q42016.....

As I continue onward with supporting the journey at Daily Outsider as we gear up for ht new quarter, winding down the month and the quarter always gives for a moment of pause.  It is also a time to reflect upon ones' blessings and to build and look ahead. 

While working away winding down the Month and gearing up for the Quarter, I ran across this while on my weekly walkabout around the "Grid"--this one was on +Pinterest .      I could not help but indeed have chills as I am reminded of the admonition from St. Serra to never forget to "Sempre Adelante".

Onward to the new Quarter before us--Wishin' all a great rest of the week, a fabulous Month-End for all and a fantastic 4th Quarter!!!

Quotes That Will Probably Give You Chills:

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