Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Tuesday Edition): On @POTUS; #Yemen & Other Thoughts....


It has been quite a week as the President has continued to travel around the World and Political Fires continues onward.  As our team chose a selection from the "Grid",  it culminated in the determination by the Justice Department to investigate the Clinton's despite the President's declarations to the Contrary as the Mueller investigations gather steam.   As we went to Press, there was this from the Washington Post:  1628 False or Misleading claims over 298 Days by President Trump. Tikuum's Summer 2017 cover was quite telling as the World reflected upon President Trump:

This is as this very compelling statement was made by the head of the UN in Iran: 

The political fires are raging especially as the Tax Bill works its' way through Congress with all the proposed changes.    This featured on the Nooner underscored what the 5 vunerable GOP congressmen have to deal with as the deliberations ensure:

WILL THEY BUDGE? The LAT's Seema Mehta reports that a coalition of liberal and labor groups have launched an television ad campaign against five Southerrn California GOP congress members. "The ads, which urge constituents to order their representatives in Congress to oppose the plan, are airing on cable and network stations in districts represented by Darrell Issa of Vista, Steve Knight of Palmdale, Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa, Ed Royce of Fullerton and Mimi Walters of Irvine."

President Trump believing Russians was also of concern that prompted this from John McCain--something that he later backed away from:  

John McCain: Trump 'taking the word of a KGB colonel' over US intelligence

Sen. John McCain issued a sharp rebuke of President Trump after it was reported Saturday that he believed Vladimir Putin's sincerity when Putin asserted that he was not complicit in interfering in the 2016 election.
“President Trump today stated that he believed Vladimir Putin is being sincere when he denies Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election," McCain, R-Ariz., who is also chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement.

This is as another true reality was before us in the World with the challenges that was before us in Yemen--and as Lebanon was faced with profound political stability in the aftermath of the Hariri resignation and the continued power play by Saudi Arabia: 



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