Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Mid-Week Edition): On #IranProtests; @realDonaldTrump & Politics

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words as this headline from the Paris' Liberation noted as a Woman Protester in Tehran defied Tear Gas with a raised fist.  It made headlines around the World as the protests gathered strength on quite a week already as #2018 has rolled around.  

We have been witness to unprecedented protests in Iran as we have seen the Regime being caught by surprise.  We have seen reports at the highest echelon of the regime in Iran on disagreements as our team has been busy helping to facilitating updates and assessing the state of affairs.   As we went to press, our view was that the Regime will attempt a major clampdown despite all their public posturing about understanding the plight of all who took to the streets.   

Back here in the United States, there is the This is as President Trump returned to Washington with a bang as he threatened North Korea with a bigger Nuclear Button,  threatened to withhold aid to the Palestinians and took credit for Aviation Safety.    There was also the letter announcing "Time's Up" to help once in for all combat Harrasement and Assault against Women.    We had the honor to release the letter to our Twitter Channel last night as we also honored to release the original letter released by 700,000 femal Farm workers that was the inspiration for the open letter --and it is only Wednesday January 3!!!!

But, there is always hope as our team selected this New Years' Message from the leader of the Liberal Democrats , Sir Vince Cable.    It was a bit of a comical "twist" to it--but the message was hopeful, upbeat and frankly authentic--the kind of poltics that is surely lacking and what we aspire to do here in #Outsiders: 

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