Friday, August 24, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Friday Edition): On @POTUS Watch Friday

The progression of President Trump.
It has been quite a 24 hours as the President continues his onslaught on his Attorney General and everyone else in the aftermath of the Fox News Interview he had undescoring the unfairness of the Justice System.     Time Magazine captured the evolution of the predicament by the President with the latest deemed, "In Deep", as there are reports about the Publisher of the National Inquirer being granted immunity.   This is also as the Senate GOP Senior Leadership has apparently begun a move to protect the President at the expense of the Attorney General--in spite of past statements noting that the President better not fire the Attorney General.    This is  as Guilty pleas continues to pile on especially as the Attorney General has been implementing the Trump Agenda and has been in effect the intellectual backbone of the Trump Agenda.

We leave you all with this courtesy of the team at Time Magazine on the "Digital Evolution" of the covers on the reality show that is now the Trump Presidency as the debate continues onward in Fox News, CNN and MSNBC: 

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