Friday, October 5, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Special Friday Editon): Out & About in Our World

As we went to press, our view is that the Confirmation Vote for President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court appears imminent.   The President was implicated by the New York Times about avoiding Taxes--vehemently denied by the White House.    This is also as Iran won in the International Criminal Court based on a 1955 Treaty of Friendship which then Prompted the Secretary of State to cancel the Treaty.   Our team felt the lawsuit to be frivolous.   We continue to assess on-going matters in Iran including  The most important matter-   the on-going strike by the Truckers in Iran that has led to some 170 arrests so far.   

Our team complied a snapshot of the World This week including The Economist and the Real News Network along with Vox and Esquire:  

Trump Officials Headline Pro-Regime Change Summit on Iran
John Bolton and Mike Pompeo headlined the annual United Against Nuclear Iran summit, where speakers celebrated the strangling of the Iranian economy under U.S. sanctions and cheered on regime change. We report from inside the summit

Disaster Profiteers vs. the People of Puerto Rico
One year after Hurricane Maria, counting the dead is one of many challenges that Puerto Rico faces under massive debt, crippling austerity, and disaster profiteers. Aaron Maté speaks to writer and educator Rima Brusi and Carla Minet of the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico

German Far-Right Uses 'Judeo-Christian' Values to Polish its Racism
Shir Hever discusses the new Jewish section in the “Alternative to Germany” far-right party in Germany, and the way that pro-Israeli politics are used to mask Islamophobia, racism against Jews and the xenophobia

Sanders Calls for Kavanaugh Perjury Investigation - Where are the Democrats? A Q&A with Paul Jay
Dharna Noor and Paul Jay discuss the announcement by Mitch McConnell that a Senate vote will be held before the end of this week and a letter from Sen. Bernie Sanders calling for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh’s possible perjury

LA Teachers May Be Forced to Strike for More School Funding
Los Angeles teachers are now in mediation over wages, evaluation, smaller class size and school funding. The teachers have authorized their union to call a strike if negotiations fail

Department of Justice Sues California to Stop its Net Neutrality Law
In a highly contradictory move, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is telling California that only the federal government has the authority to regulate internet service, while at the same time maintaining that it cannot (will not?) regulate it either. We speak to Ernesto Falcon, legal counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Could Obama's Endorsement Help Ben Jealous Defeat Larry Hogan?
Marc Steiner weighs in on the Maryland Governor’s race, where a popular Republican incumbent has a double digit lead over the Sanders-inspired Democrat
  including the late
This week our cover focuses on China’s investment in Europe, which has soared in recent years. Many investments are private, profit-seeking and harmless, but China is also buying political influence. The Czech president, Milos Zeman, wants his country to be China’s “unsinkable aircraft-carrier”. Last year Greece stopped the EU from criticising China’s human-rights record at a UN forum. Hungary and Greece prevented the EU from backing a court ruling against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. Europe’s experience matters to the rest of the world, which also takes Chinese money, and even more to America, which is Europe’s chief ally. What can Europe do to enjoy the benefits of Chinese investment but minimise the threats?
 Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief
Editor’s picks
Here are the highlights from the current edition
General Electric
Blame game

John Flannery could not reverse the mistakes of former GE chiefs rapidly enough. Will Larry Culp do better?
Italy’s new budget
Luigi Di Maio tries to take charge

More spending for his supporters is a way of countering the rise of Matteo Salvini. But Brussels does not like it
From #MeToo to #ScrewYou

Inspired by Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump elects to take on American women
United States
The changing labour market
Serfs up

Worries about the rise of the gig economy are mostly overblown
Finance and economics
Crime in South Africa
Gun town

How Cape Town has become one of the world’s most violent cities
Middle East and Africa
School bullying
The unhappiest days of their lives

Surveys in Britain and America consistently show that the biggest worry parents have for their school-age children is that they will be bullied
Europe’s potato shortage
The chips are down

A long, hot summer has left tattie crops in tatters
Data with destiny 
More than 90% of the world’s data appeared in the past two years. From privacy to politics, Facebook to facial recognition, discover the true impact of this data revolution

Is the president a crook? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a state investigation to potentially recoup millions of dollars in taxes from President Trump that were not paid because of various family tax schemes, reported in an EPIC NEW YORK TIMES INVESTIGATIONBLOOMBERGRelated: The passage of time and weakly enforced tax laws make it unlikely the president will be prosecuted on criminal charges, but that doesn’t diminish the accusations. NEW YORK MAGAZINEMore: The Times thoroughly traced Trump’s past, but those tax returns he won’t release could indicate if he’s still up to similar tricks. VOX

This Vicious Buffoon Is a Vessel for All the Worst Elements of the American Condition
This video of Donald Trump, American President, mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford should be the only news from now until Election Day, and probably beyond that, all the way to the next Election Day in 2020 as well. This video captures perfectly where we are as a nation at this moment in history. It shows with startling clarity the end result of civic disengagement and democratic apathy. It shows without question that we have allowed our republic to fall into the hands of a sociopath whose feeling for his fellow human beings can be measured against a poker chip. We have had good presidents and bad—a Buchanan is followed by a Lincoln who is followed by an Andrew Johnson, and so forth. But we never have had such a cheap counterfeit of a president* as currently occupies the office. Read More

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