Monday, October 8, 2018

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): Out & About in Our World

A new week is before us.    We decided to launch a new week with this depiction that is self-explanatory.

We have been assessing the aftermath of the tragedy in Indonesia.   As We went to press , rwe received reports of up to 5,000 dead  and the aftermath of the challenges as a result of the Earthquake and Tsunami as people continue to buried under the mud, rubbish is not being collected , an estimated 60,000 are homeless as epitomized by this courtesy of the team at Al Jazeera:

A girl carries valuables from the ruins of her house after the earthquake hit the Balaroa sub-district in Palu. [Beawiharta/Reuters]

As we went to press, Jair Bolsonaro, is now in the lead as the votes continued to be counted in Brazil as some 147 Million Voters cast votes to choose the country's 38th president, all of  27 Brazil state governors, most of the seats in Congress - including two-thirds of the 81-member upper-house Senate and all 513 places in the lower-house Chamber of Deputies - and 1,059 positions within state legislatures.     Mr. Bolosnaro will face a run-off.   Brazil, though,  is in a state of near chaos as Seven of the World most violent cities are now in Brazil in the midst of a worsening campaign--in addition to the continued profound challenge with corruption in the aftermath of the car wash scandal that has seen over 150 politicians including former President Da Silva jailed.  Some have Mr. Bolsonaro compared him to Donald Trump as it is increasingly clear that Mr. Bolsonaro is favored to win it in the second round of the elections: 

Brazil elections 2018: What you need to know

This is as halfway around the World, the Violence in Afghanistan continues with no end in sight as the 18th year of the beginning of the US Invasion of Afghanistan began.  It must be noted that some 15,000 US Soldiers currently serve in Afghanistan in the midst of a Worsening situation as reported by the Guardian of London as this image below from 2009 headlined by the Guardian continues to be very much a daily occurence:  

We have also been assessing the situation of Bosnia as a Nationalist Leader has won a seat in the National Presidency--another apparent collapse of another international agreement--the Dayton Peace Accords.    This is as we have been assessing the disapperance of the Saudi Journalist and dissident Jamal Khasoggi that reports say has been killed by Saudi Arabia inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul after he went in to pick up divorce papers and never left.   Saudis claim he is not there--and the Turkish President has vowed to get to the bottom of it.  This is also as we saw reports of the President of Interpol disappearing while on a visit to China, China Claiming he was under surveillance and the Interpol President subsequently resigning.   We also continue to assess on-going challenges in Iran with the Truckers' strike, continued economic collapse as additional sanctions loom and opposition figures continue to be under threat of jail or prosecution by the authorities.    This is also as the aftermath of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court continue to present challenges for the future as noted the Economist Magazine's KAL:

Profound challenging times as a new week looms--our live broadcast pod will be available and our team will update our Twitter Channel daily on key developments from our media circle including the Guardian, NDTV of India, China Daily (for a Chinese perspective) in addition to periodic updates from US Media.   

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