Saturday, July 4, 2020

Notations From the Grid (Special Independence Day Edition): On America

Today is Officially Independence Day here in the United States.  We wanted to begin with a bit of a different take as we begin by paying homage to one of the greatest Americans in our view that lived:  The Great Baskerville.   He served as a teacher at the American Missionary School in Tabriz, Iran and decided to lead a contingent of students in support of the Iranian Revolution of 1909 and was killed.  We salute him.

We also found an interesting take on July 4 on the 27th Grievance  of the Declaration of Independence which was published in the February Edition of the Atlantic.  We also hereby present some thoughts from James Baldwin on America--it resonated with us on this Independence Day 2020: 

We implore all to #StaySafe, #WearAMask for the sake of us all.

Happy Independence Day America.

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