Monday, July 19, 2021

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): An #OutsiderWall On the Week That Was


Our team was in the community this week as we had the pleasure to be witness to the vibrancy of the community as a major landmark in South Orange County was bustling.   We decided to headline our weekly "Outsider Wall" with images we captured during our week.

It has been quite a week in our World as we were witness to devastating floods in Europe and as COVID continues to rear its' ugly head.    We also continue to assess the ongoing challenges with China, the US Politics scene and the on-going aftermath of the January 6 insurrection.  

We present our weekly "Outsider Wall" on the week that was courtesy the team at the Washington Examiner, The Economist of London, The Financial Times of London, The Visual Capitalist, Haaretz and Defense One.

We look forward to the continued privilege to serve: 

Under water

Devastating floods in Germany warn Europe of the dangers of warming

Whether or not climate change caused these floods, it made them more likely



→ Climate hub: A selection of our best stories and analysis on climate change

The eagle and the rabbit

America, China and the race to the Moon

Half a century on, the race back to the Moon looks markedly different from the first

America and China

Biden’s new China doctrine

Its protectionism and its us-or-them rhetoric will hurt America and put off allies

Unlikely bedfellows

A general, a warlord and an economist vie to run Sudan

Interviews with the three most powerful men in a would-be democracy


The Republican anti-vax delusion

America’s vaccination programme is stalling. Populist conservatives are to blame

Week in charts

How America plans to cope with China

The cost of cleanliness • Covid’s Asian hotspots • Wall Street boom • Drugs and sport

The longest war

America’s war in Afghanistan is ending in crushing defeat

The consequences of the conflict for Afghans, already catastrophic, are likely to get worse

Leaving Trump behind

Leaving Trump behind

A 2024 field that includes the Donald would be a disaster for the party and for Trump.

Read the full story here.

Chinese money launderers team up with Mexican cartels to profit billions from US fentanyl crisis

Chinese money launderers team up with Mexican cartels to profit billions from US fentanyl crisis

Chinese money launderers and fentanyl-makers have gone into business with Mexican drug cartels, teaming up to make billions of dollars a year trafficking the powerful opioid that is killing thousands of people in the United States.

Read the full story here.

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