Thursday, December 15, 2016

On Our World: Brief Thoughts as 2016 Withers Away....

It has been a very challenging 24 hours as the Syrian Army and its' allies have formally prevailed in Aleppo and as the promised evacuations are now on their way.   Our team found it quite amusing how the folks at Russia Today covered it and took credit by saying that it was through the involvement of the "Russian Reconciliation Center" that the evacuation was happening--and how they blasted "mainstream media".    What needs to be understood is this:  The War is Not Over--especially as Idlib (the next major war front) is already under heavy bombardment by the Syrians and their Russian allies.    Based on what drone footage that is available,  Aleppo is destroyed.    What Al Jazeera deemed the "Ghosts of Aleppo" says it all!!   It is available by clicking here.

Beyond the wars and the attempts by President-Kings in Africa to hold on to power, there are also rays of hope.   Our team is pleased to feature this padlet from the Freedom Hub that does some great work to prepare those who have been victims of Human Trafficking to return to the Workforce.    As we welcome 2017, we look forward to featuring such organizations because they are the rays of hope for us all: 

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