Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Green Card, the American Green Card!

A young woman by the statue of Liberty,
looks up way up,
the point of interest,
both physical,
emotional and the flaming torch,
a square card was pressed hard,
in her shaking palms,
as if in supplication,
or in pious adoration,
to a being larger than life,
perhaps in coming here,
she was overtaken,
by an overwhelming realization,
that subliminal moment,
spurred by a green card!
She had finally got it,
she belonged,
she could claim
and most of all she could be claimed,
a sense of completion egged itself in her,
a new self was filling her inner core,
somehow she knew,
the meaning of belonging,
with it came,
the powerful sense of purpose,
she resolved to play her part,
from then on,
each step and each move,
were executed with calculation,
a green card,
is a path to citizenship,
a sexual citizenship,
an intellectual citizenship,
a mobility citizenship,
a skills citizenship,
a dignity citizenship,
a physical citizenship,
an accomplishment citizenship,
no contract motivates like that one.

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