Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): Goldman Sachs Speaks On The Investment Outlook

As August looms, Our team received this courtesy of the team at Goldman Sachs which we wanted to feature in light of the uncertainties before us in the Economic landscape due to Tariffs and other decisions by the Trump Administration:

Midyear Investment Outlook: Staying the Course

At the start of the year, the Goldman Sachs Investment Strategy Group (ISG) released its 2018 outlook, making the case for staying invested in the equity markets, despite an increasingly uncertain and unsteady political and geopolitical landscape. In response to subsequent spikes in market volatility and intensifying geopolitical headwinds, ISG released a midyear outlook, Taking Stock of Our 2018 Outlook: (Un)Steady as She Goes, reexamining the underlying factors driving markets. Given the steady backdrop of broad-based economic and earnings growth, robust employment and wage growth, and improving business investment, ISG reiterates the recommendation to stay fully invested, with a strategic overweight allocation to US assets. "There may well be a time when the unsteady undertow becomes too strong and overwhelms the steady factors, or when the steady factors point to a less attractive outlook," the authors said. "But halfway through 2018, we do not think that time has yet arrived. In fact, there has been improvement in many of the steady factors."
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