Thursday, July 26, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Thursday Edition): On Our World.....

Tehran From the Vantage Point of its' largest Structure:
 Borj Milad (Milad Tower) 
Rial Collapses and Gold Increases (Courtesy Iran Farda) 

It has been an interesting week in our World as we have continued to assess the on-going realities in Iran.     The week began with comments from President Rouhani noting how The US had a chance to either come to terms with Iran or go to war--warning President Trump not to Play with a Lions Tail because it will have consequences.   This is as a question was asked by many in the Iranian Disapora captured in this headline from the LA Times' Sarah Parvini:

Iran has seen a number of Cabinet changes by the President as the Currency has collapsed and the price of Gold Coins (a harbinger of Economic Health) has began to soar as People take refuge in such resources.    The war of words has continued so far--including the Parliament Speaker calling the President a Thug and The latest that came out of the Commander of the Quds Force.    Qasem Sulemani came out and warned the United States that the Quds Force had the ability to deal with anything the United States threw at it.  This is as another of the Senior Commanders (and current Secretary of the Expediency Council), Mohsen Rezaai, reminded the US that Iran had over 50,000 US Troops in its' sights.     The attacks by the Houthis against Saudi Tankers earlier this week may well have been one indication of Iran's Sabre Rattling.

Beyond Iran, there is Syria.   It is increasingly clear that Assad has won and such a win is winning grudging acceptance by the World.    As we went to press, there was a Syrian Plane that was shut down and suicide bombers struck Government areas yet again.   This is as Russia sent a delegation to Lebanon to facilitate the return of refugees back to Syria--over 1 Million Syrians live in Lebanon that constitute almost one quarter of Lebanon's Population.   We have also been assessing the on-going election in Pakistan as Imran Khan seems to be in a pole position to form Pakistan's Next Government--we will continue to assess it an provide updates through our Media Virtual Circle over the ensuing days.

We Leave you all with some "Random Thoughts" : 

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