Monday, May 13, 2019

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): On #Iran Watch

On Iran and The United States:  @Haaretz Comments 

As we went to press here with this edition of Notations and welcome all to our "re-branded properties" , The war of words between the United States and Iran continued.    There were reports that the United States advised Iran of a number to call if Iran wanted to Negotiate--this is as Iran continued to issue its' own threats--including giving a 60-Day Threat which was swiftly rejected by the European Union:

 Some of the more interesting depictions are hereby noted below:

This is what, in our view, should worry Iran's leaders as repression continues with no apparent end in sight as Iran will be facing a severe recession as noted by the Financial Times:  

We close out with this clip done by a local Southern California Artist--This caused a lot of Grief in Iran 's Official Circles as kids in class led by their Teachers danced to the tune of the music--as tensions continue to rise-Our team was dancing to the tune as well--Please enjoy:

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