Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Notations On Our World (Special Mid-Week Edition): Counterpoint Looks at Our World

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Welcome to Counterpoint, where you will find original editorial cartoons from diverse perspectives drawn especially for you.

This week our almighty eight artists engage events from abundant angles. Front and center is the ongoing tussle over abortion rights in conservative states. In Virginia, yet another mass shooting lowers heads and raises questions. Donald Trump never escapes scrutiny and his recent overseas visit supplies our satirists with ample ammunition. Finally, John McCain looms large, once again.

Great Britain is deeply divided by Brexit. It appears the only person capable of uniting the country is the universally disliked Donald Trump.
Cartoon by Kevin KAL Kallaugher for Counterpoint.
A recent Georgia law with strict limits on abortion has ignited a boycott from disapproving filmmakers.
Cartoon by Rick McKee for Counterpoint.
Donald Trump is known to be a habitual TV-watcher with very specific tastes.
Cartoon by Darren Bell for Counterpoint.
The Supreme Court will likely revisit the decades-old ruling of Roe v Wade in the near future.
Cartoon by Lisa Benson for Counterpoint.
Hollywood companies and celebrities are protesting the recent surge of state anti-Abortion laws.
Cartoon by Mike Lester for Counterpoint.
During a recent trip to Japan, any evidence of the nearby navy ship USS John McCain was deliberately hidden from the delicate eyes of President Trump.
Cartoon by Nick Anderson for Counterpoint.
Virginia Beach was the most recent of a never-ending string of American mass shootings.
Cartoon by Rob Rogers for Counterpoint.
And some states are seriously considering voting by mobile phone. Wtf? LMAO!
Cartoon by Michael Ramirez for Counterpoint.

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