Friday, May 22, 2020

Notations On Our World (Special Friday Edition): Out & About on the eve of #MemorialWeekEnd2020

On the Road in Irvine, California 


California is gradually reopening--Our team was on the road this week assessing the openings as we stopped at a McDonald's'--The McDonald's team member noted how hours were increasing which she felt pretty good about--and we agree.

Freeway billboards remind us all here in Southern California on the fight ahead.    On this eve of this #MemorialDay2020 here in the United States, we hereby present a snapshot of the challenging week there was as the dispute between the United States and China escalated, China held its' delayed Annual "Two Sessions" at the National Peoples' Congress, developments continued to occur on the development of a Vaccine--yet the number of afflicated in the United States continued  to increase.   This is as other challenges loom in the horizon. 

We leave you with a snapshot of the challenges courtesy the Washington Times on the 2020 Elections, on China, on developments on the vaccine front courtesy Abundance Insider along with the on-going daily developments (as of Thursday ) Courtesy the Washington Post.  We also note this on consumer spending trends courtesy the team at the Visual Capitalist along with a vision of the future courtesy the Economist. 

We close by wishing all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters around the World an #EidMubarak as we salute all the fallen as America remembers on this Memorial Day Week-End:

New polling suggests President Trump can use China this year to generate the kind of populist energy that helped propel him to victory in 2020.
China has become a key battleground issue for the 2020 election as supporters of Trump hope a hardening in public opinion offers a populist route to victory that mirrors their 2016 playbook.

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