Sunday, August 23, 2020

View of the Week (Week-End Edition): A Snapshot of our World

 Please enjoy a snapshot of our World courtesy the Team at the Visual Capitalist.  Please don't forget to #WearAMaskToSaveaLife.

The 20 Most and Least Profitable Companies, Per Employee

The U.S. companies on the Fortune 500 boast $1.2 trillion in combined profit—but which bring in the best and worst profit per employee?

Where Will the Next Billion Internet Users Come From?

When it comes to worldwide internet use, which regions are the most disconnected? And which regions have the most opportunity for growth?

AIoT: When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Things

AI is emerging as a driving technology behind the internet of things (IoT). Learn about the new AIoT, and how it will impact the future.

Every Presidential Candidate's Running Mate Since WWII

Picking the right VP makes all the difference to a President's success. We look at running mates of all Presidential hopefuls since 1940.

New Waves: The ESG Megatrend Meets Green Bonds

With ESG investing outperforming benchmarks, could green bonds be next in line? We unpack the megatrend taking hold of the financial world.

This Week's Flashback Favorites:

Visualizing the World's Busiest Ports

Every day, millions of tons of goods pass through ports to get to their end consumers. Here are the world's busiest ports, and how numbers have changed.

Originally from January 2019

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