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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Working Away with Brief Notations From #Iran.....

It has been yet again a whirlwind of a week throughout #Outsiders. I just finished off reading up on this on Iran I released to my personal Pinterest and Facebook pages because it continues to underscore the profound challenge being faced inside the Country. What I find fascinating is how despite all that the conservatives have done to thwart the reformists, it clearly appears that reformists have a chance. W will be assessing this over the course of the ensuing weeks--I personally would find it quite interesting if Janati (the head of the Guardian council); Khatami (not related to the ex-President leading the reformists faction) and Mesbah Yazdi (one of the key mentors of the so-called conservatives and a leading voice for Iran's version of #Daesh) are blocked from the Assembly of Experts. 

 Fascinating is the only word...

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