Thursday, February 11, 2016

Working Away w/Notations.....

It was another busy morning throughout #outsiders as Notations were released , the team decided on the Artist of the week and the Daily Cu ration on Twitter continued.   I was frankly surprised a bit as I reviewed Twitter results--but the niche developed (that we use on a daily basis) has a place and I have faith in Jack Dorsey.

For me, it was once again a chance to reflect and remember all that I'm blessed with yet again on a Daily Basis.   It was ever so as I was out on one of my Community Action Initiatives at St. Timothy's Church on Ash Wednesday yesterday and had the pleasure to chat with some of the clients the Pantry is privileged to serve.  It was just beyond words as one of them was so gracious to express her appreciation on the eve of Valentine's Day.   It also reminded me of this from an Orange County icon that was remarkable to be witness to.

Although the team works on "Thoughts of the week" which is now a regular feature in our Education Property here in #Outsiders, I ran across this on my personal daily rounds on Twitter than I thought was quite timely to share with all as this Journey of Service Continues.....

Phil Gerbyshak (@PhilGerb)
"15 Executives Share the Best Advice Their Mentors Ever Gave Them" #socialleader

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