Thursday, February 4, 2016

Working Away On the "Prowl" w/Notations

The team @ #Outsiders did some interesting work over the past 24 hours.      Today will be a day to reflect for our team after quite a week that we've worked to release notations from.     As our research and work continues, I wanted to take a moment of pause to share President Obama's speech at the Mosque in Baltimore:

It was quite a speech and was very moving in many respects that reminded all about America being one Family--he went through the history.   I did not know that Jefferson was accused of being a Muslim--and he noted how he was in good company.      It was so moving how he systematically addressed all the distortions that has endured over the ensuing months.     He underscored the rise in bullying and threats as well.    It was also quite on pointe as he honored Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, the two Muslim Americans in Congress whose loyalty was questioned by Steve King who serves as the Co-Chair for the Cruz Campaign.     The President underscored how respect for all faiths is part of the very fabric of America.     He also underscored how it is up to all to counter the narrative--and I dug this up from my archives to underscore this that the debate is continuing:

The President talked what was right and what was wrong.     He underscored the broad understanding that is at the core of what Islam is--versus the misguided and misperceptions underscored    What the Muslim Community did for the victims of San Bernardino was just one example--it was an absolute privilege for me to contribute to that through the LanuchGood Platform--a crowdfunding platform by the Muslim Community.  As I "dropped in", one of the campaigns currently going on is to assist with clean water for Flint, Michigan.     

As I listened to the President, it reminded me of the mission of #Outsiders which was simple: "..To help transform the conversation about our World one notation, one tweet & one Weibo at a time...".   Such dialogue is needed--as the tough questions have to be asked about US Policies.      

As our journey throughout #outsiders continues, I ran across this that the team allowed me to use t o close courtesy of +Jonathan Huie that I hope will allow us to do our part--as we hope to create lights for others which we hope that it will light our way--as we do work to question assumptions and not accept things as they are--but as they should be....

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