Friday, February 19, 2016

Working Away While On the Road w/thoughts on Music, Leadership & Harper Lee

I have been on the road on my bi-weekly Community Commitment at St. Timothy's Catholic Church.   I had the pleasure to join friends earlier today as our Parish's Facilities Manager was nice enough to give us a tour of the Construction and the Pantry that I have the privilege to serve in.

As I hope all enjoyed the team's selection of this week's Artist of the week on the network, there was one very perceptive Daily Fortune Powersheet from Geoff Colvin (available by clicking here).   The team has featured his columns periodically here in #Outsiders and I share it with my students all the time.    As America decides and the World watches, lessons in leadership is ever so crucial.    This excerpt particularly caught my eye:

When the world’s opinion of an organization’s future changes so sharply, how should a leader respond? The basic advice is simple: Show, don’t tell. You can insist that your company is just as strong as it was in December, but it’s all a big shrug. What else would you say? Effective leaders let their actions speak. The prime example of the past six weeks is JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon spending $25 million of his own money to buy company stock, which is down 20%. The stock bumped up slightly on the news, but more important is that employees, customers, suppliers, and other constituents got the message that Dimon is genuinely confident.

While on the road and on my personal twitter feed, I saw reporting on the passing away of Harper Lee, the author of to Kill a Mockingbird.    I wanted to send a special shout out to the team at +The Guardian as they put together this which I released earlier--such souls truly never die--they endure


For a change, the team was "taking it easy" today as they were nice enough to release a Good Turn I did earlier this morning.    It will be an interesting week-end of analysis though as the team's on-going assessment of our World continues.


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