Monday, February 29, 2016

On The eve of March: Thoughts on @realDonaldTrump; #Iran & #Hope

It has been a very interesting and challenging month.      As I write this,  I can't help but agree with Joe Scarborough about the depressing weekend on the political scene. I could not believe the GOP Debate (and I only watched very small excerpts).   The David Dukes controversy has also persisted  as   Donald Trump first disavowed David Dukes before saying he did not know who David Dukes is. Some of the pundits noted that Trump was tired--but rejecting the KKK should not be a big deal.   What is unfortunate is that there is zero substance to what he has to offer--I am yet to see anything beyond "Making America Great again".    

As I have been working to "wind down" this leap month, I made it a point of sending Joe Scarborough  a thank you for taking down David Duke.   The new South reflects the true realities of an integrated society.    Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are trying to stay in it--but the odds are becoming increasingly    Super Tuesday tomorrow is going to be quite a day though as alOur team did some good work on Iran this week assessing the on-going election and the aftermath.  The team just released an updated tweet on the Twitter Channel as the World awaits the results.   I could not agree more that although the governing reformist faction gained, the Iranian State Institutions continue to be under the control of the so-called conservatives with the ultimate power residing in the person of the Supreme Leader.      Whether this is sustainable remains to be seen in terms of reforms.    

It should be quite a March as we will be bidding farewell to this leap year.      I popped into Twitter and ran across this which I wanted to end my brief personal thoughts as we begin March:

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