Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On This First Day of March......

March is before us here in #Outsiders.   As our team has been on the "prowl", I just got word that Jim Kinney, the co-founder of AOL, passed away.    What in many ways AOL began is why we are here.  May he RIP.

I also saw this I received from a friend  I ran across this from a friend on a very challenging story that I hope to pursue further:

TED release; PBS interview & article:
My 665 Days in Prison in the U.S.
Mahmoud Reza Banki - My 665 days in prison: Full video TED Week at UCLA Anderson

Since this journey began about six years ago and not by choice, we have come a long way; you have come a long way with me. Releasing of this video from TED Week at UCLA Anderson embodies much of what I not only believe but also lived through for 22 months in prison. I consider it a significant attempt for me and all of you who have stood by me or taken part to make a difference. I ask you to watch & share it; let’s raise awareness; let’s spark change. Thank YOU!

Three updates from this weekend - please share to spark change:

My 665 days in prison – Full TED video release

On the day I was released from prison in California, after 665 days of incarceration, a host of emotions raced through my mind: on the one hand I should have been happy to be finally free; on the other hand I kept asking myself: ‘why did it take so long?’

Previously I sent out the note below along with a one-minute TED video teaser. Since then I have spoken at the Renaissance Weekend, completed my fourth LA Marathon promoting the cause, taken part in the Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform in DC, and spoken before various audiences on this important cause of justice and how we as a nation can do better.

It is now time to tell the full story. 

The full version of my TED video is now live for the first time:


I need your help! Our country and your future need your help! To raise awareness and to improve our criminal justice system. The president also highlighted this need in his State of the Union address: “[Let’s] reform the criminal justice system so it protects and serves all of us.” Many others have also recently joined the movement to improve our justice system. Take part!

I am asking you to share this video and my story with your family, friends and colleagues; with lawyers, journalists, news outlets; advocacy groups, media and politicians; and to get the word out on social media by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels; let’s raise awareness; let’s spark change.

More information on my case available at: www.RezaStory.com

I have always felt extremely lucky to have made it this far and to be here. I’m also lucky to be heard and to reach others through your support; let’s make a difference one person at a time.

No one should suffer injustice in the ‘land of the free’.

M. Reza Banki.PhD.MBA
Email: mreza.banki@gmail.com
Twitter: @MRezaBanki #RezaStory
Facebook: M. Reza Banki



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