Monday, March 14, 2016

Working Away With Thoughts For the NIght On @realDonaldTrump, @GOP & Other Thoughts.....

Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, has penned an open letter to Donald trump to his more than 17 million ...
Humans of New York Creator Brandon Stanton
It has been another busy day throughout the #Outsider properties.   It is the eve of what I call  "Super Dupper" Tuesday as a number of important states including Illinois, Ohio and a number of other states are voting--including the crucial State of Florida.       The #Outsider team will be assessing the results throughout the day on Wednesday.   Early Voting has been going on already.  

As I was working away, I saw reporting on a letter by the founder of Humans of New York which has garnered over 1.5 Million Likes on Facebook and has gained worldwide notoriety  the Trump juggernaut continues.    The letter truly captured my view in such a powerful way.    I am very glad to see Governor Kasich, Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz speaking out forcefully as they have.   I am not sure whether this will make a difference for the "Trumpista" Voters who seem not to care so far.     Sarah Palin joined the raucous earlier today.     Wednesday will determine the next phase.    This on the Sydney Morning Herald captured a very interesting video from the New York Times that is well worth seeing as well to underscore the hypocrisy of the Trump Campaign:

Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton pens open letter to Donald Trump

Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, has penned an open letter to Donald trump to his more than 17 million followers.
DAISY DUMAS 1:57pm | "I can confirm— the hateful one is you." So writes the man behind Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, in an open letter to presidential hopeful Donald Trump that has so far been liked over a million times.

I noted in a visit on the Grid how scary it all was--and it is getting to be even more so and how disgraceful it is becoming.    I caught Bob Schiffer on CBS News and he underscored how the unknown will be quite detrimental as the Republicans may well potentially break up into two different parties.

    It is such a powerful letter that I decided to embed it here as I also saw this from Boris Yeltsin that I found especially poignant: “You can build a throne with bayonets,
but you can’t sit on it for long.” 
An Open Letter to Donald Trump:Mr. Trump,I try my hardest not to be political. I’ve refused to interview several of...
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