Thursday, March 10, 2016

Working Away On This Thursday w/Thoughts: On Mrs. Reagan, #Iran & @realDonaldTrump

It has been a retrospective day here in #Outsiders although our Social Media Team has been assessing the World and released a few other things It has been quite a day in our World as the World has been witness to quite a revelation as first reported by Britain's SkyNews on how #Daesh/#ISIS has been recruiting.   It was interesting how a report came out (that our team released on our Twitter Feed) On how some of the documents may be dubious.  It is also interesting how I just reviewed a report on CNN on how The US is getting ready to blame Iran for a cyber attack on a New York Dam in 2013--as Iran just tested two new long-range ballistic missiles which has raised ire in Congress.

I have been thinking about the Trump Phenomenon over the ensuing days as well as the punditry class continues its' discussions in anticipation of March 15.     What was very disturbing was what Mr. Trump noted in a conversation about how Islam hated America and basically doubled down on his continued ban on Muslims.    

This is also a week, though, as America will  bid a final farewell to Mrs. Reagan.     I hope to be able to catch the live stream of someone who truly made a difference and wanted to share this that crossed my desk for all--as our team continues onward with its' ongoing research and engagement:

 “If either of us ever left [the] room, we both felt lonely.  People don’t always believe this, but it’s true.  Filling the loneliness, completing each other – that’s what it still meant to us to be husband and wife.”  - excerpt from Mrs. Reagan’s book, “My Turn”

Being first lady has taught me so much.  Over those eight years in Washington, amid the exaggerated ups and downs of life at the White House, I found out what was really important to me.  I learned how to serve.  I grew, and I learned how, despite intense scrutiny and criticism, just to go on being myself – to let Nancy be Nancy.  And for this, and for so many other things, I’ll always be grateful.” - excerpt from Mrs. Reagan’s book, “My Turn”

The Reagan Foundation has partnered with Fox News Channel to provide you with a live stream of Mrs. Reagan’s funeral on Friday, March 11, from 10:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. (Pacific).  The livestream can be accessed at

For continuous updated information on the week’s events, please visit the Reagan Library’s web site at

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