Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Working Away On This Final Week of March 2016.....

It has been yet again a busy few days here in #Outsiders as the team finished the latest curation throughout the properties and finished the morning Social Media curation on Twitter.  It has been quite a morning with a hijacking in Egypt, Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Charged and of course the aftermath of the Apple Phone saga ending--for now.  It was also quite a startling development that the US Supreme Court deadlocked on Union Fees--which the Unions took as a victory.

Our team @ #has also launched a beta to be ready to transition the Properties.      The Beta for the new "Virtual Campus" for the properties is expected to be available real soon.     As I was reflecting upon this journey and assessing the roadmap, I took a few minutes to "drop in" to the Values.com site and picked up a few of the thoughts that is  ever so critical for all to be aware of--including me!!!

Commitment winston churchill Inspiration norman rockwell

Persistence abraham lincoln Ambition liz murray

Enough Said!!!


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