Friday, March 25, 2016

On This Good Friday: On this US Election Campaign (@tedcruz; @realDonaldTrump), #Gandhi & Other Thoughts

It has been quite a morning here in #Outsiders as the team worked away on the Twitter Channel with the daily hashtag watch series.     I was also on my personal twitter feed as I was just taken aback by the nasty tone in the political discourse by the leading GOP candidates.   I made it a point of noting an admonition to both Senator Cruz and Mr. Trump that they need to grow up because the people deserve better as their wives were brought into the conversation which deflects from their policy positions which are literally either non-existent.    I was glad to see I was not alone as MSNBC's Joe Scarborough underscored this specifically admonishing Senator Cruz on his call to monitor Muslims.  Senator Cruz doubled down on it as he took the criticism as a "badge of honor" as if he was doing something right.

As our team races to work on weekend editions of Notations, I am excited about the Musical Interlude that would be available on the #outsider properties within the next few hours.   The team was busy as all of us were working away on the curations.    For me, two interesting things crossed my desk that made my day: 

J.K Rowling's story is well known.   But taking this bold step; was fabulous in making sure all understood that one must never give up.   The perservance of such people is just amazing which is a lesson for us here at #outsiders as our journey of service continues.   She noted in a subsequent tweet that, "..... I had nothing to lose and sometimes that makes you brave enough to try...." This is as I was thinking about the discourse on leadership as I saw this from the ever-eloquent Darren Hardy on Leadership during my daily review:

Before I ever ask someone to do or be anything, I think of a story I once hear about Mahatma Gandhi.
It is such a great example to live up to and delivers an invaluable lesson on the character of leadership...Go to post

I could not help but wonder why what Gandhi, Dr. King and Mandela taught us seems to have been forgotten.  But I remain optimstic because I see no other way.    This is what we're about in the end here in #outsiders.

Happy Easter and a Happy belated Purim to all Jewish Brothers and Sisters....

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