Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On a Dark Day in Our World......

Our team began the day thinking about the US Elections as people are voting right now in a number of States, reflecting upon World Water Day, thinking about the aftermath of the Apple announcement. and an on-going assessment of the AIPAC conference in Washington. The attacks in Brussels this morning shocked us.    It is a dark day in our World as I write this.  

 Our team released a special edition of Notations this morning on the attacks in Belgium.    As I was doing my overnight review, I began by launching my New York Times App on my Kindle and had to refresh it three times before I realized what had occurred.    

For me, it brought memories of 9/11 back.   I remember I was getting ready for work as CNN was playing in the background as the first plane hit.   My wife and I could not believe it and I frankly thought for a minute it was scenes from the World Center Attack in 1993.    My Wife shouted in horror as we were witness to the second plane and the horror afterward truly changed our World  forever.  

As I write this, Brussels Airport CEO is having a news conference noting that the Airport will be closed through tomorrow as they gear up to be back in Operations as some 600 flights have been canceled.  

The team at #outsiders has decided to be "dark"  through tomorrow in honor of the fallen in Belgium as we remember them in our thought and prayers today with Belgium and Europe:
The Belgian and European Union flags fly at half mast outside the embassy of Belgium in London.


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