Sunday, March 20, 2016

On A Very Interesting weekend: Working Away....

The team finished off a number of weekend editions of Notations in Outsiders as also the Twitter Daily Curation is continuing as I write these thoughts.    I was quite keen to see about what was going on in Iran as Khameini went to Mashad to make a speech and Rouhani made it a point of visit the Veterans of the War during the first day of the Iranian New Year.    Our team will be assessing Khamenei's Speech and Rouhani's Speech as we see what will happen in the New Year on the eve of a new Parliament conveying.    What happens in Iran matters.

Beyond Iran, there is the chaotic scene as the Election season is gathering pace.  As I was away on a Community commitment with the Scouts yesterday, I did not have personal visibility to the on-going predicament until I saw the team releasing the Notation on the US Election scene.   The violence and protests seem to be escalating and the Republican National Convention is bound to be quite entertaining and contentious with profound implications beyond.    I caught Governor Kasich of Ohio during my own assessment of the US Sunday Morning Talk Shows as he boasted confidence that he would be the nominee.    What I saw, though, from David Brooks from the New York Times underscored as powerful a case against Trump as I have seen after the strong word by the +National Review --Although I will grant Trump this point:  his numbers have kept rising so far:

When Trump noted in a response to a question on MSNBC that "I listen to myself"--that in and of itself is a disqualification.   It is also quite disturbing to me how he has encouraged violence and not stepped up to make sure that the anger of the dispossessed as noted in David Brooks' Column is channeled to help change and not encourage riots and violence.          

As I have been assessing our World and the roadmap ahead, I ran across this that is quite timely in terms of the journey here in #Outsiders and what helps to drive the on-going development work here as I wish all a great Sunday and a great week:

Turn Failure into Innovation

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