Friday, March 18, 2016

Working Away: On #ParisAttacks, #Music & #Nooroz

Today was quite a day as the World has been privy to a major operation to arrest one of the culprits of the Paris Attack.   As I have been working in support of #outsiders, I am also seeing a live news conference by the Belgian Prime Minister and the President of France as they underscored that they have conferred with President Obama .   I view it as a major development and made it a point of congratulating France and Belgium earlier on my personal twitter feed.     There are still questions that  have to be answered as to how this man could be roaming around for so long--but it is still a good day.   I view it as quite significant the Francois Hollande is there in Brussels

I also was witness to the beauty and appreciation of life this morning while on a morning community commitment at St. Timothy's Catholic Parish.  It was the twice-a-month restocking of the Parish Pantry which I had the privilege yet again to support.    As I left this service commitment, I was struck that I was witness to a funeral mass which I joined briefly.    It underscored all that we have to be thankful for and to be hopeful constantly.   I was reflecting upon this as I supported the curation of the network for the day.   It was also gratifying as the weekly interlude was selected as it was:  Frank Sinatra Jr.   I grew up with Frank Sinatra Sr.'s music and the striking resemblance was just beyond the pale.   The music will go on!!!!

It is also the first day of spring and the eve of Nowruz.    It is about renewal and again a sense of hope.  I conclude as I go "dark" for this Nowruz Week-End to say:  Happy Nowruz--Eid Shoma Mobarak.    We Persians underscore a simple wish:  May every day be successful for you all and all days be full of joy and Happiness.


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